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Part 40: 24th October 1929 - 13:00.

Video:A disquieted gathering.

I don't want to spend another second in this damned mansion! Let's go, Mizuho.

Mr. Yoshikawa, I...

Mr. Yoshikawa.


We never would've come to this mansion if we'd known this was going to happen! And the chairman's will doesn't have anything to do with us. Let‘s get out of here, Mizuho.

But Mr. Yoshikawa...


I'm curious about what‘s in the chairman’s will.

The Chairman

Maybe the chairman invited you here to give you some of his fortune... Did you know? Is that why you came here?

No, nothing like that..

I'm not saying you're after the chairman's money or anything like that. In any case, the will doesn't have anything to do with us. I want to know who murdered Tsuyako. I want to know... why Tsuyako was killed. So that's why... I'll stay here until I hear about the key I gave you.


Kazuya, Mr. Yoshikawa and I will be in the Orchid Room. So, if you find out anything, come tell me, okay?



I see...


I suppose Father planned on leaving everything to Ayako. Or maybe... maybe he planned on leaving you something...


I mean Hideya and me, and my husband. I don't imagine Father left us anything... When I think of our future, I'm filled with anxiety... Hideya, let's go back to our room.

Mom, I've gotta talk to Kazuya. You go on back to the room, okay?

Hideya...! Well, all right.

Youko leaves.

So, Hideya...

That detective

Hmm, the detective...


I don't like Hachiya! I bet Hachiya doesn't like kids, either...


Well, I...

I trust you, Kazuya. I know you're not the murderer. But...

But... what?

But if you know anything about the murders, I wish you would tell me. I want to know who killed my dad. I tried asking that other detective, Mr. Katagiri, a little while ago, but... he didn't answer me. He just went into the Grape Room.

Gee, Hideya...

Mom's been so sad and lonely since Dad died... I don't really know what to do, but... I'm the only one that can take care of my mom now. I've got to be a grownup.

Kazuya, come to the Violet Room later, okay? I've got something important to talk about.

Hideya leaves.

Why do you have to get mixed up in this? C'mon, let's go back to Pergola.

There are still things I must do here.

Takashi walks up to them.

Who could've done that to Mr. Ihara...?


Mr. Ihara was sick, wasn‘t he? He looked like he was in pain...

Do you know? Please tell me about Mr. Ihara.

Ihara's dead. No use in talking about when he was alive now.


Do you know who the murderer is in all these cases?

The one who killed Tsuyako Sawamatsu was...

So who killed Takako and Hideo?

Ihara's murderer

Mr. Ihara's murderer...?

And you know who that--

Katagiri puts his hand to his head with a groan

Are you all right?


Oh, it's nothing. Don't fuss.

Katagiri leaves.

That happens every time Koutarou remembers what happened back then...

What happened

What happened back then...?


Koutarou doesn't want to remember. He really just wants to forget it...

Three years ago

Koutarou was still a detective three years ago.

That case


Bizarre murder case

The case was called the ”Magic House Murders." Two magicians were killed in a really gruesome way.

A young man

A young man was the suspect?

Yes. After Koutarou let the man get away, the case remained unsolved.

The man

Don't you know who that man is?

Another crime

Koutarou said the man would probably keep killing as long as he lived...

Back to “That case.”


The man said he was innocent...?

Yes. This young man told Koutarou that the true culprit was somebody else, that he'd been set up... And Koutarou believed him...

Another crime

Another crime?

Yes, he committed another murder right away, as if he were mocking Koutarou.

Was her murderer... ever caught...?

No, the case is still unsolved. ...But why are you asking me these questions, anyway...?