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Part 41: 24th October 1929 - 14:00.

Video:The kitchen knife.

Off to the Annex.

We've finally found out what the Star Key is for, time to report back to Mizuho.

Yes, I did remember one thing, actually.

A story of Takako's

A story of Takako's?

She told me about where the chairman came from.

Where he came from?

Yes, about the place where the chairman was born.


Every once in a while, the chairman would open up, but only to Takako.

The village

About the village where Denemon was born, huh...?

Butterfly legend

Butterfly legend...?

She didn't tell me what kind of legend it was... And that's all Takako told me... No, wait. There was something else. I just remembered...

Takako said there was a novel written about that legend. She said she'd seen the book in the study.

On to Mizuho.

Huh? What is this...?


Tsuyako had hidden it in a letter chest.

What could this ledger mean?

Miuzho, I bet I know. It's probably a secret accounting ledger for New World Cinema.

A secret accounting ledger?

Somebody was writing all the illicit money transfers in that ledger... I heard a rumour that something like that was going on... So... it was true... Looking at this ledger, you can see all kinds of unexplained expenditures... Large sums of money...


Tsuyako entrusted the key of this secret ledger to you. This ledger contains proof of all those unexplained expenditures.

Why would Tsuyako entrust it to me...?

Tsuyako was making some kind of deal with the person who'd be in trouble if this ledger were made public.

What?! You mean she was...? Don't tell me Tsuyako was... But that can't be true!


Kazuya... This isn't what I wanted to find out... I really respected Tsuyako... Who could have thought there was a secret New World Cinema ledger...! Why has it ended like this...?

I'm sorry, Mizuho...

The chairman, Takako, Tsuyako, the president, all dead... And now this secret ledger... New World Cinema will be finished!

But it can't!

I can't let that happen!

Mr. Yoshikawa...

Mizuho, there's got to be something we can do to save New World Cinema. And there's no reason to stay here any longer.

Mizuho and Kiyohiko leave.

Kazuya... I know something...

What do you know?

Hideo was a pretty rubbish murderer.

My dad


But don't tell my mom, okay, Kazuya?

Hideya... I've got something to say you might find hard to believe. You're the only one I'm going to tell.

Only me?

That's right. Only you.

Okay. It'll be our secret.

Okay, listen to me. I'm not really Kazuya Nanase.


My real name is “Takashi Kagetani.”


That's right.

And... I'm actually from another time.


I'm from a world more than seventy years in the future. I got trapped in this mansion.

You did?!

Take a look at this. As soon as this glass jigsaw puzzle is complete, I think I can get out of here.

Get out of here...?

That's right. I can go back to my own time.

Go...back...? Okay.

Thank you.

It's never explicitly mentioned, but it's understandable that Takashi would be feeling some mental strain with his situation. He has to constantly pretend that he's Kazuya to everyone, a pretense which is likely become more and more difficult to keep up the closer he gets to people in the mansion, and now's he's found that Kazuya is, if Emmy is correct, a serial killer. It's not really surprising that Takashi finally cracked and had to confess the truth to someone.

Grandpa brought that glass jigsaw puzzle back with him from France. He said it can make wishes come true. But then the pieces got lost, and he couldn't put the puzzle together any more.


Tell you something

You want to tell me something?

A secret

A secret about this mansion?

Yup. There's a secret room in this mansion nobody knows about.

A secret room?

Yup. Grandpa said you get there through a hidden door in one of the rooms on the second floor.

Nothing special. C'mon, Mom, let's go home.


I know that Kazuya will find out the truth about everything that happened here.

Youko and Hideya leave. This is the last time we'll see Hideya in the Violet Room, but Takashi can still solve Tangrams for hints; he'll just see a picture of the room he needs to be in in his mind, rather than have Hideya telling him.

Hachiya is swaying backwards and forwards here.

Kazuya... I will do as you tell me...

What can I do for you, Kazuya?


I only do what you tell me to do...

Oh, my! What am I doing here? Too many things have been happening... I'm a little tired. Excuse me.

Hachiya unsteadily walks out.

These two are fairly minor characters, and as such don't get an FMV introduction.

Wow! Just look at this place!

Excuse me...!

I'm Jungo Ogasawara. And this is...

...I'm his secretary, Tae.

I've brought the will I've been keeping for Denemon.

What will?

Seriously, Takashi?

I've brought Denemon's Yoshinodou's will.

I'm his secretary, Tae. Hee hee hee!

Excuse me, but who are you...?

I'm... Kazuya Nanase.

What...?! You're Kazuya?!

Hachiya walks up.

Mr. Ogasawara!

Hello, there, Mr. Hachiya. I hope I'm not late.

We've been expecting you. Please come this way...

The three of them walk off.

He took the visitors to the dining hall...

Excuse me.

Kikuyo leaves.

...No, I'm afraid not...

Takashi walks over to them.

I'm afraid Mr. Ogasawara and I are talking. If you would be so kind...

Ah, Kazuya! Glad to see you. I've got something to tell you. I'll come to your room later. Three o'clock at the Houseboy Room, okay?

The hidden room Hideya told me about...And Denemon's will... How are all of these related to the case...

And why is Hachiya acting that way...?