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Part 47: 24th October 1929 - 19:00 (Part Two.)

Video: Counterattack.

That was effective.

You killed Ihara, didn't you?

It wasn't me!

Then who did?

Mr. Katagiri, you're not a detective.

...That's right.

And I'm not Kazuya Nanase.

The criminal you let get away three years ago... that was Kazuya Nanase, wasn't it?

...That's right. Kazuya Nanase attacked Ihara's wife and left her for dead. Ihara tried to take care of her after that, but she ended up dying in misery.


How did Mr. Ihara change?


He'd make special allowances for people during investigations, make the report come out the way they wanted for money...


Taking bribes...?

At first, it was to help pay for his wife's medical expenses. But he kept taking bribes even after his wife died. After his wife died, Ihara was like an empty shell of a man.

And then Mr. Ihara came to this mansion and met the man they were calling "Kazuya Nanase"... And so he called you here because you know Kazuya Nanase. He planned on getting you to help kill Kazuya for revenge, didn't he?

That's not the only reason Ihara asked me to come here...

Katagiri starts to walk away, hesitates for a second, then leaves.