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Part 49: 24th October 1929 - 21:00.


Please tell me about Mr. Katagiri. Tell me why he quit being a police detective.

Where is Mr. Katagiri now?

I don't know. He must be around here somewhere.

In one of the rooms around here...?

Mr. Ihara

Yes, he told me.

That was the main reason Koutarou quit being a detective. He thinks it's his fault Mr. Ihara's life changed...


Koutarou is a man who's seen the darkness in his own heart...


You think there’s another reason Mr. Katagiri quit the police?

Yes, he told me something once... He said he started getting afraid of himself when he was working on a case.

Afraid of himself?

He said he was afraid of the feeling he got when he cornered a criminal... The longer Koutarou was a detective, the more he noticed changes in himself...

A certain feeling

A certain feeling...?

He found he was getting pleasure out of seeing the despair and disappointment in the faces of the criminals he had hunted down... and that scared him, Koutarou said. He said he got scared when he realized he was actually enjoying hunting down and arresting criminals.

That‘s all I know. I don't know what other reasons he might've had, and I don’t want to know.

There are two kinds of people: those who can sleep, and those who can't. For those with a dark past they can't do anything about... those plagued by anxiety... nighttime just isn't a time of peace. I want Koutarou to be able to sleep... If I could just leave the Koutarou I don't know behind in this mansion...


Emmy leaves.

First time we've been able to get in here. Before anything else though, the last set of Denemon's Notes are found here.

What am I going to do? Kazuya has inherited all of my evil-- the evil that I wanted to leave behind... I just can't leave him like this... I've got to do something...

Nothing left to do here.

Mr. Katagiri, take a look at this.

“Born to an exciting destiny”...? “My mark”...? What does this mean?

This letter

Kazuya Nanase wrote this letter to Denemon.

And then Denemon secretly called Kazuya Nanase to this mansion...

Yes, that's what I think. And then...

...Denemon planned of getting rid of Kazuya Nanase—killing him himself, eh? That's why he asked Kazuya to come to the mansion.

Mr. Katagiri, I think the real Kazuya Nanase is in this mansion. He's hiding somewhere here, watching us all.

Sound of footsteps.