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Part 17: Update #17 Warm Up Room and Fighting Ring

Update #17

There's a video of Arena Challenge #16 at the bottom of this post, make sure to check it out

Warm Up Room and Fighting Ring

In between stages, you'll get the option to enter the Warm Up Room to spar against a training dummy, as well as tackle on up to 51 challenges at the Fighting Ring.

Head straight ahead near the kiosks to have a chat with two ladies wearing bunny suits.

Lady on the left:
"Take the techniques on sale in the shop for a test spin. You can set up your techniques as normal using the Techniques menu. Once you leave, your techniques return to their previous setting."

Tutorial message:
"While sparring, you can use all the moves you'd like without fear of death! However, when you leave the area, you return to your old self."

Lady on the right:
"Entry into the ring is free. You may enter the ring after you have completed Stage 1. Prizes are not awarded for defeating enemies more than once."

You can customize your Techniques after talking to the lady on the left and even try them out against a live training dummy acting as an opponent.

The training dummy appears to be based on Mokujin from Tekken, who is in turn based on the danger of the titular obstacle in the Jackie Chan movie Shaolin Chamber of Death (aka Shaolin Wooden Men, or Shao Lin mu ren xiang). Click here to watch a clip from the movie where Jackie fights a bunch of Wooden Men. If you're reading this post from the future, the video link might be dead.

The training dummy shares the same moveset as a basic thug. You can practice your techniques against him, with unlimited roulette orbs and health, however you still need to attack/dodge/taunt to get God Hand meter back.

The fighting arena is a nice way to stretch your fighting legs and earn some money. As you progress through the game, new fights become available. There are 51 bouts in all, and it goes without saying that the farther down the list you go, the harder they get. All fights are fought with prefigured life gauge percentages (not sizes), roulette orbs, and difficulty levels no matter what game mode you're on, but your techniques and special moves are the same. Fights 41-50 will not be available until you beat the game and finish fight 1-40.

I will not show off every single fights because honestly, this is pointless and counter-productive. All the fights are essentially the same, you just beat people up which isn't super interesting to watch since it's so repetitive. That would also be very hard for me style for 51 fights in a row.

Having said that, I leave you with a ~stylish~ video of Arena Challenge #16 where I beat the shit out of 3 demons at the same time. During this fight, you're facing 3 enemies (an elite guy wearing a zebra suit, a clown fatty and a circus lady) and as you hit each of them, they will instantly transform into Purple Demons.

Arena Challenge #16

Kung Fu tango