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God Hand

by mkob

Part 22: Update #22 Stage 2-7 Elvis boss fight #2

Update #22

Stage 2-7 The Return Of Fat Elvis

KMS 2-6 & 2-7

Moveset used:

Moveset used in KMS video:
Square moveset:
Short uppercut

Face buttons:
High Kick
Charged Punch
Mule Kick
Chin Music
Spinning Backfist
High Side Kick
Expert Sobat

Map + Elvis' character sheet

Home Run God

Rodin from Bayonetta 1 uses Home Run God too, which according to Hideki Kamiya is apparently a reference to Sadaharu Oh, some Japanese baseball legend known for his homeruns. Check this Bayo 1 interview with Kamiya from Yoshesque's Bayo 1 LP for more info. He talks about God Hand at some point.

About Elvis' fight, there's something really weird about it, Elvis' portrait (upper left) and ingame model blink every time you hit him. His skin will (randomly?) switch color to blue after a while and I've no idea what it means. I've asked a friend to translate Elvis' character sheet from the JP guidebook and see if there's more info on that.

Also am I the only one seeing this?