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Part 25: Update #25 Air Launch Kick & Shoryuken follow-up against airborne opponents

Update #25

Hey kids

Air Launch Kick & Shoryuken follow-up against airborne opponents

This one is more of a trick than a real advanced technique as it lets you do an air launch kick/shoryuken follow-up against enemies who perform one of those weird mid-air backflip dodge.

You've seen me do this a lot and might have been wondering what the hell that was. When juggling enemies (punching them while they're airborne), they tend to turn berserk with smoke coming out of their ears then air-backflip. This is one of the very few AI's fail-safe mechanic to get out of your combos (others being them rolling on the ground or even crawl like the female enemies do), however there is a way to counter that by dashing forward as soon as the enemy air-dodges then buffering the air launch kick or shoryuken input (up+triangle & down+triangle). Turns out when an enemy is doing one of those backflips, he or she gets right at the perfect height for an air launch kick/shoryuken, that's why the trick works.

There's no way to predict when or when an enemy is actually going to air-backflip, you are gambling every time, so whenever you see me punching a dude then immediately dashing forward followed by a running kick that completely whiffs, that means I was hoping I could land an air launch kick.

Having said that though, there's a way to trigger one of those air-backflips, with the help of multi-hit moves; the AI was designed to air-dodge after you punch them a certain random X amount of times, but the more hits you do in a short period against an airborne opponent, the more chance you have for them to air-backflip. The rest is just reaction, but mostly gambling with the AI.