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by mkob

Part 57: God Hand sound effects audio rip

Unrelated but a friend ripped the SFX audio files from god hand, link here if you need the .wav (there are 1300 files). Listening to all of them, there's nothing unusual or missing from the game except for:

-The little fairy saying "Here's your prize" and "I hope you like it hard";
-Gene saying "cool" maybe it's from playing poker at the casino or something;
-A fatty/low-pitched Samurai voice (maybe they wanted to add another type of samurai idk);
-A thug saying "vroom vroom vroom" which I don't recognize, maybe it's a midget saying that;
-"sensei, I need your help" don't remember that either, maybe a very rare voice sample from the samurai dudes;

That's pretty much it, everything else is in the game and it's funny how most of the thug groaning and SFX are burned into my mind and I recognize all of them instantly, you could say that's a good testament to how efficient the sound design is in the game, similar to let's say a devil may cry or MGR or bayonetta where every single enemy taunts/sound effects/audio tells help the player understanding what's going on, when and where to dodge, etc. sound design is so important in this game genre, I personally love the counter-hit sound in god hand, it's a very crunchy distorted sound that adds some good oomph to your attacks, same with the Stinger move in DMC, the bat within witch time sfx in bayonetta, the zandatsu slowmo after a perfect parry in MGR, etc. really satisfying sounds all around.