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Original Thread: GOD HAND


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Welcome to GOD HAND! It's a game where you beat up demons! It's also INCREDIBLY FUCKING AMAZING. Clover, creator of Viewtiful Joe and Okami, made this final game under the direction of Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame. It's chock full of references to other games and animes and they're fun to spot.

Facts about GOD HAND:
- It is hard
- It is fair
- It is awesome
- It is hilarious
- It is probably the best game on the PS2
- If you have never played it, there is a 70% chance that watching me play will make you buy it

Free Moves Guide!
1. Knock down your foe. This can be done with any of the dash + face button moves, but dash + X is the surest bet (the slide tackle).
2. While standing next to downed foe, press forward and then Triangle. Pressing triangle first will do the move mapped to triangle, doing it correctly will perform a chargeable Axe Kick.
3. Immediately after the Axe Kick, press triangle to kick them into the air. Obviously the lighter the foe, the higher they fly.
4. When they are in the air you can do one of two things. Back + Triangle does a Shoryuken ala Street Fighter and is good for juggling (too many and they will get angry and backflip away). Forward + Triangle does a single Hurricane Kick which will launch all enemies it hits.

Thug list is coming soon, but I figure you want to start watching right away, so HERE IT IS! Videos are hosted on DailyMotion and my own hosting which uses the DivX Web Player since this was originally going to be on Stage6 as well (RIP)

GOD HAND Contest! Win a copy of GOD HAND!
Challenge Video Challenge : Spinningrobo
Raffle of Destiny: Twi

Misc Videos
- Trailer (DailyMotion)
- Intro FMV (DailyMotion)
- Sneak Into Elvis's Crib (HARD MODE) (Youtube Only)
- Stage 1 (Easy Mode) (Youtube Only)
- Trailer for the End Times (YouTubes)

Stage 1
- The Beginning (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Intermission (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- My Right Arm The God Hand (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- A Poison Chihuahua!? (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Secret Warehouse Carnival (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Sneak Into Elvis's Crib! (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Who's The Boss? Elvis! (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Challenge Video 1 (DailyMotion) (Youtube)

Stage 2
- Demons Playing With Fire (Guest starring The Roll) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Human Fireworks = PARTY! (Guest starring Gulping Again) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Giant Enemy Crane (Guest starring Garin and Medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Beware The Arrow Bridge (Guest starring Diabetus and CherryDoom) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: The Three Evil Stooges (Guest starring pokecapn and medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- The Cliff Ahead (Guest starring pokecapn and medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: The Return Of Fat Elvis (Guest starring pokecapn and medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Challenges Video 2 (Guest starring pokecapn and IlluminatusVespucci) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)

Stage 3
- An Adult Playground (Guest starring medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: The Masked Man's Riddle (Guest starring medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Shannon's Dance Party (Guest starring Garin) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: The Not So Fun House and Puppy Kingdom (Guest starring Kaz) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Shannon's Show (Guest starring medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Challenges Video 3 (Guest starring medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)

Stage 4
- The Kilo Crab and Robots on Parade (Thanks Cybershell!) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Kissing a Hot Chick (Thanks medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Seriously. We Want The God Hand (Thanks pokecapn) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- You. Me. Pattycake. (Thanks pokecapn) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Iron Bridge Fashion Show (Thanks medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Electric Deathmatch (Thanks Cybershell) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Another God Hand (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- The Fat Bazooka Trap (Thanks medibot) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight:The Fifth Deva? Dr. Ion (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Challenges Video 4 (DailyMotion) (Youtube)

Stage 5
- Oh No! Human Horseshoes (Thanks to Vprisoner, dsage, and Unstenk) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Dangerous Alleyways (Thanks to medibot and Kaz) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Long Walk. Short Pier (Thanks to medibot and Kaz) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight I Guess: Rock Star Tour Boat (Thanks medibot and Kaz) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- The Floating Bazaar (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- The Knife Sniper (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Encore? (DailyMotion)(Youtube)
- It's A Trap!! (Thanks pokecapn!) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Elvis's Graced Land (Thanks medibot!) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Challenges Video 5 (Thanks pokecapn, medibot, and illves) (DailyMotion) (Youtube)

Stage 6 (Thanks pokecapn, medibot, illves!)
- A Night on Bald Mountain (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Visiting Tiger Joe (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Revered By Demons (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Shannon's Pet (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: A Killer Hand!? (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Whip It! (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Stop Before You Hurt Yourself (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Elvis's Wish (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Shannon Revealed (DailyMotion) (Youtube)

Stage 7 (Thanks medibot and MyNameIsKaz)
- Boss Fight: The Tower Mirage (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- The Flying Pyramid (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: Great Sensei's Revenge (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- The Mirage Town (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fight: The Four Devas' Leader (DailyMotion) (Youtube)

Stage 8 (Thanks medibot and MyNameIsKaz)
- The Death Shudder (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Boss Fights: The Tower of Power (DailyMotion) (Youtube)
- Challenge Opus (Part 1) (Part 2)


Post-Game Challenges
- Dailymotion (1 2 3 4 5)
- Youtube (1 2)

- Everything you always wanted
- KFJ & Friends - God Hand Credits

Videos which are not mine!
- The Japanese Commercial
- GOD HAND Trailer 3

Stage 1
- Gene's Rock-A-Bye (Stage music, awesome track)
- Smoking Roll (Elvis's music)
- Be Ready For It (Title screen music)
- Broncobuster (Unleash the God Hand!)
- Old Hand (Some little demon stages and arena challenges)
- Peek-a-boo! (Fighting dudes before Gold and Silver)
- Sweet Nightmare (Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver )

Stage 2
- Too Hot!!! (Stage music)
- Fire Works (Human Fireworks got its own music!)
- Yet... Oh See Mind (That's enough of that...) (Three evil stooges theme)

Stage 3
- It's A Smile World (Stage music)
- Top Of The Humans (Gorilla fight music)
- Sunset Heros (Mad Midget Five theme)
- Water Line (Cannonball minigame music. Delicious 8-bit goodness.)
- Rainy Rose (Shannon's theme)

Stage 4
- Floating Fort (Stage music)
- Come From Dark (Demon fight music)
- Dark Matter (Trident Demon fight music)
- Devil May Sly (Devil Hand fight. This track is fucking awesome)
- Battery Size AA (Dr. Ion fight music)

Stage 5
- The Gang of Venice (Stage music)
- Unnavigable Sea (Boat fight music)
- Nippy Dog (Ravel/Debussey Boss theme)
- Smoke Out (Elvis fight)

Stage 6
- Bald Mountain (Stage music)
- Handsome Dynamite (Soundtrack Version) (Tiger Joe's theme)
- Old Hand (Psychic midget theme)
- Poison Queen (Shannon's theme)

Stage 7
- Forgotten Song (Stage music)
- Battery Size D (Upgraded Dr. Ion's upgraded theme)
- Please Mr. Sensei (Great Sensei's theme)
- Fly Flap (Belze's theme)

Stage 8
- Higher Than Heaven (Stage music)
- FUNK MAN (Afro Fist's theme!)

Final Stage
- Duel Storm (Azel's new theme)
- Anthem of Angra (Final boss theme!)
- God Hand (Japanese) (Instrumental)

- Sultry Night (Casino music)
- Chihuahua Soldier (Chihuahua race music)
- Surrender (You lose)
- Colonel Chihuahua (You win)
- Hanging Bridge (Gambling music)
- Which Do You Prefer (You win, make a decision)
- Fork In The Road (It's tense!)
- Big Hit (some arena fight or something)
- The Horror (Unused as far as we know)


Dr. Destructo posted:

The Jacobus Spades series:

(Regarding the videos at the end of Stage 2)

(This is what happens when you do a Dragon Kick)

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