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Original Thread: "For England, James?" "No...for Wii." (GoldenEye)


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Title shamelessly stolen from the Games thread.

GoldenEye was a James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan as Bond himself, released in 1995. It was the seventeenth Bond film and, unlike every other Bond film to date, it took no elements from any Ian Fleming story and was completely apart from his works. Most people of the younger, late 80s generation will probably relate to this film as their first James Bond movie. It was followed up with its own videogame released exclusively for the Nintendo 64 in 1997.

The Nintendo 64 game was developed by Rareware Studios and published by Nintendo, of course. It was released to overwhelming critical and commercial acclaim, selling an amazing eight million copies worldwide. It was praised for its addicting multiplayer deathmatch mode and for being the first of its genre to incorporate stealth into its first-player campaign. Considered to be one of the most influential videogames of all time, GoldenEye 007 set the bar for every first-person shooter to follow. It naturally can't hold a candle to any modern first-person shooter, but every game of the genre has at least some roots in GoldenEye and its innovation.

Nintendo expressed interest in releasing Goldeneye for the Virtual Console, but it was a tricky area because the game was developed by Rare, which now belongs to Microsoft, and the James Bond videogame license belong to Activision. Activision gave them the green-light, but Nintendo and Microsoft couldn't agree on who got more money for the sales, so the VC title was put away in exchange for remaking the whole thing for the Wii.

The game was released in 2010 and was basically 'the same, but different': to start with, Bond had to be remade to fit Daniel Craig's likeness, as he is the 'current' James Bond now that Pierce's contract had expired. Many of the older game's settings were recycled, yet updated, bearing strong resemblances while still remaining their own. The game uses bits of both the IW graphics engine (Call Of Duty 4), and another engine from another Wii game by Eurocom: Dead Space: Extraction.

However, they didn't want to make it a cut-and-paste job from Rare's success with the title, so the plot was changed to fit a more modern setting rather than taking place a decade and a half ago. It's generally the same but things like the  villain's main motivations had to be changed to something 'different, but the same', because otherwise they would be too old for their roles. 

GoldenEye as a movie and as a videogame are roughly 15 years old now, so it's not very likely that there are still people in this forum that don't know how it goes. Especially if you've followed the less-serious LP of the N64 game by Tipping 40s. Even still, please do not spoil it in your posts, at least not without spoiler tags. Still, here's an introduction to get you hooked:

007, James Bond (voiced by and the likeness of Daniel Craig), and 006, Alec Trevelyan (Elliot Cowen), infiltrate a chemical weapons facility disguised as a dam in Arkhangelsk, Russia. They believe the facility is being used by terrorist organizations to target British embassies the world over. Their objective is to go in, blow it up, and get out before bedtime. Naturally, shit hits the fan and Bond discovers a thread in the facility that takes the whole scheme far deeper than he could have ever imagined.

James Bond (Daniel Craig). British superspy and world's greatest lover, as quick with his trigger finger as he is his wits. He's not unemotional but he's aware of the risks of his business, but regardless, he'd prefer to disable or subdue than outright kill. That doesn't mean he won't do what needs to be done, however.

Alec Trevelyan (Elliot Cowen). His parents had died at an early age, forcing him to join the military to make ends meet. His skills in combat and espionage caught the eyes of MI6, where he was recruited and quickly rose to the rank of 00. Very effecient and professional, but merciless.

General Arkady Ourumov (Laurence Possa). Crooked and powerful, a very deadly combonation. He was previously the head of the Soviet Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility before he was promoted to general, subsequently becoming head of the Space Divison of the Russian army. He runs a very successful black market on the side and is extremely dangerous.

Valentin Zukovsky (Alec Newman). A Russian gangster with many ties in the black market, allowing him untold resources and connections to many weapons, from the common to the exotic. Has a bit of a grudge against Bond for a past altercation, but he is an entrepreneur before he is a fighter and is willing to put aside their differences, if only for a moment, if the price is right.

Xenia Onatopp (Kate Magowan). A former Red Air Force fighter pilot who gets her jollies by killing men. An undercover agent of Janus's own, all that's really known about her is that she has a killer body. She's currently partnered with Ourumov, but whether she has her own agenda or not is unknown.

Natalya Simonova (Kirsty Mitchell). An inappropriately-dressed Russian computer engineer that sent a distress signal from Severnaya just before the Goldeneye was fired. One of the very few survivors from that raid, her skills with programming the Goldeneye satellite are sure to be invaluable.

Dmitri Mishkin (Ed Stoppard). The Russian Defense Minister that just exudes class and style but he also takes his job very seriously. He has a good sense of justice, but because of that he sometimes becomes stubborn when he believes he's on the right track. He has less than a minute's worth of screentime but he's apparently integral enough to the plot that he has his own mugshot.

Janus. The two-faced Roman god that rained fire down on those who betrayed him. A fitting moniker for the main villain of the game - the very man that had been antagonizing both Bond and all of England throughout the story. He had done a good job keeping his identity a secret...but he's done hiding.

0. Introduction - TutorialYouTube Download
1. Arkhangelsk - DamYouTube Download
2. Arkhangelsk - FacilityYouTube Download
3. Arkhangelsk - AirfieldYouTube Download
4. Barcelona - NightclubYouTube Download
5. Dubai - CarrierYouTube Download
Multiplayer 1YouTube Download
6. Severnaya - OutpostYouTube Download
7. Severnaya - BunkerYouTube Download
8. St. Petersburg - ArchivesYouTube Download
9. St. Petersburg - TankYouTube Download
Multiplayer 2YouTube Download
10. St. Petersburg - StationYouTube Download
11. St. Petersburg - MemorialYouTube Download
12. Nigeria - JungleYouTube Download
13. Nigeria - SolarYouTube Download
Multiplayer 3YouTube Download
14. Nigeria - CradleYouTube Download

GoldenEye: starring mumble Bronson, directed by Doctor Chef:

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