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Part 11: Goldolences

Update 10: Gondolences
The average Gondwanan citizen is below average.

Oh it's you. Well, last time around we'd fathomed the mysteries of our own feces and had watched somewhat somberly as the Devaloki congealed from the gravy of lesser civs. Well, we shouldn't get mopey.

12-Turok: Dinosaur Hunter - Ancient Ruins

Oh for GOD'S sake! Why the Marish!? They've already been mostly-eaten by Deinonychus!

Look! You're Glorious! They're only barely Fine and that's a lie THEY ARE NOT DOING FINE AT ALL


Ugh. I order most of our cities to work on Ramparts for paranoia's sake; I want these things built before the Earthworks expires.

None of the news is good. I start building Stenonychosaurs. You know.
As a deterrence.

Also because these yokels still need weeding out. God only knows the Marish need a hand right now.

Our first obsolete wonder (but not the last): another victim of our boundless science rates. It's worth it, though.

Oh boy is it ever. This technique puts the 'bread' in breadbasket.

(CLICK HERE to witness the wonders of the Map of the Currents)

Carpe your deims or I'll get them first, jerks.

(CLICK HERE to witness the wonders of the Volunteer Corps)
And in the spirit of spite, everyone agrees to pitch in and lend a big helping hand.


And down go the Earthworks - but Ramparts are up in all the important - and vulnerable - cities before it happens. Whew.
I like big angry reptiles as much as anyone, but despite my advisors, I've got my priorities.

Namely, that. Not only is that pollution fugly, not only does it make tiles it lies on useless, but if you get enough of them active at once the planet starts to warm up. Enjoy trying to feed your cities when all your improvements have mushed into either swamps or deserts, Exxon-hugger.

The first few Stenonychosaurs are ready for duty and on their way into the east.

And none too soon. At this rate the Devaloka are going to eat everyone.
Well, everyone except us. I hope.

(CLICK HERE to witness the wonders of the Arms Race)
But we're armed,


and goddamnit I JUST SAID TIDY.


New Buildings
New Wonders