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by Drakyn

Part 25: Update 4a: New Units

Brachiosaurus is absolutely too good to be true. It can only be speculated why it's available this early-on. Some flukeish burp in the scenario's coding, no doubt.

Climatius is a stubby little nub of a thing and is functionally just Gyropcterius but slightly tougher. If that floats your fish, go for it.

Coelurus is a defensive powerhouse and the absolute fastest thing we've yet encounter in-game, bar none.

Protoceratops is one of the most primitive of the horned dinosaurs and is also the doofiest-looking thing I've ever laid eyes on just look at it.

Psittacosaurus is even more primitive than Protoceratops and seems to exist only so that there's something that looks even dumber. This attempt was unsuccessful.