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Original Thread: Come join me as I experience hell in first person at the FPS Emporium


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Welcome everyone to the FPS Emporium. Here I will go through my collection of first person shooters that I've amassed over the years and present to you an assortment of titles to enjoy.

There's no real method to this madness so if people like some games more than others I will try to add them more frequently into the rotation.

So sit back, relax, and remember to always keep those clips topped off.

Developer: 4D Rulers
Release Year: 2002

In the mid-21st century, massive overpopulation and consumption caused irreversible resource shortages over most of the planet. All supplies of fossil fuels were completely decimated by 2031. The agro-mosaic virus outbreak of 2042 triggered the global food riots of 2043 by causing the extinction of all agricultural plant species. Five billion humans, almost half of the earths population, died of starvation.

With most cities falling into ruin in a perpetual night of low fuel and no power, street gangs grew into terror patrols, controlling neighborhoods and sometimes entire cities. These terror patrols grew larger and larger, falling under the control of ever more powerful dictators.

All government officials became targets for assassination, the global system of government was getting weaker by the day. As the governments began to fall and chaos began to be a way of life, all governments united and focused on the continuing search for a new energy source.

Finally, in 2079, government scientists discovered a new energy source, created from anti matter chemical reactions between the grinding forces of the planets tectonic plates, a new energy source was mined, called ORE. ORE, though not energy producing itself, was able to catalyze nearly any chemical reaction and also amplify any electrical power fed into it. Because of the density of the ORE found, when energy passed through the ORE atoms were sped up to a speed never seen before, increasing energy passed through the ORE as well as creating distortion in time and the known field.

After the ORE became common knowledge, the fighting factions used all means to gain access to the ORE's power. Using the ORE's power to bend time and fold space the MOB left earth in search of more ORE, in the process creating a war between worlds as well as on its own. Deep in the bowels of UMC research and development, secret experiments have led to the creation of the advanced massively parallel bio-computational neural network, with the ability to emulate higher-level thought processes and simulate the nonlinear processing of computations and complex algorithms. This advanced bio-computational neural network has created a perfect artificial environment, this new system avoids failures from the past and jerkiness caused by computational spasming in older non bio based artificial environments.

One of the first practical uses of this new technology was the development of an advanced combat training emulator. This emulator is a virtual reality where the UMC weeds out the mentally weak and trains the best of the best to be even better. It is so realistic several level 5 marines who first tested it died of cardiac arrest.

The "Meat Machine" termed by the first wave of Marines tested on the neural network, takes the Marine where they have never been, shows them enemies they have never faced, and trains them with existing UMC weaponry, plus weaponry that are yet to be made in the real world.

What does all this fancy back story amount too? Mediocrity at best.

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