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Original Thread: Welcome to Gotcha Borg World! Let's Play Gotcha Force



Near the end of 2003 Capcom released Gotcha Force, an arena shooter exclusively for the Nintendo Gamecube. Based around squads of toy-sized robots fighting, the game boasts of having 200 characters to collect and battle with. The large number of borg combinations lends the game a lot of replay value, and I'd like to show you as much of it as I can.

The story so far:
Chapter 1:
After the destruction of his home world Mega Borg by the evil Death Force, the Gotcha Borg G-Red comes to Earth and teams up with a young boy named Kou in order to prevent the planet from falling into their hands.

Chapter 2:
After defeating the Flame Dragon, the Galactic Emperor personally taunts Kou and G-Red. Additionally, two mysterious kids have made an appearance. What does this mean for the newly formed Gotcha Force?

Chapter 3:
The recovery of G-Red's missing data and a new young commander serve to strengthen the Gotcha Force, but Sho and Orochi have found allies to their causes, making themselves even more of a threat.

Chapter 4:
After the Gotcha Force collects the Death Crystals and successfully assaults the Sky Fortress, the Death Force gears up for another invasion of Safari Town.

Chapter 5:
Although the Gotcha Force defeated the Cyber Death Dragon, the Galactic Emperor has managed to gather enough GF Energy to use his ultimate attack, the same power that destroyed Mega Borg. Can the Gotcha Force stop history from repeating itself on Earth?

How this goes:
I'll be taking tribe suggestions in thread, in order to show off what the people want to see. Most tribes are varied enough to allow for repeat selection, but I'll mix in some related borgs to keep things from getting stale if nessecary.

Tribe List:
Ninja - Fast attackers, work best at mid to close range
Gun - Long distance specialists, weak in melee
Knight - Close range powerhouses, often carry shields to block attacks
Girl - Well balanced borgs, comfortable in melee or at range
Machine - The most varied tribe, includes robots and transformers
Dragon - Powerful but slow, with high damage projectiles and beams
Musha (Includes Demon) - Sacrifices Knight borg defense for extra offensive ability
Knuckle - Work best in melee range, often have special tricks to get there safely
Wizard (Includes Nurse and Idol) - Have special abilities either to help allies or hinder opponents
Hero (Includes Bug) - Small but varied tribe, mostly focused on changing states
Wing (Includes Demon) - Capable of flight, giving them an advantage over ground bound borgs
Angel - Combines Wing borg flight with Wizard borg abilities
Tank - Ground based vehicles, focused on heavy damage at range
Air - Aerial vehicles, focused on hit and run tactics
Fortress - Floating armaments, heavily armed and armored


While the game's narrative isn't particularly strong, I'd appreciate not posting story spoilers until they happen in the videos. Gotcha Borgs that haven't been seen yet are ok to talk about, just not commanders or their relationships.

Chapter 1: The Arrival
Episode 1: The name is G-Red (Cleaned Up Audio Version)
Episode 2: So you want to make a Gotcha Force
Episode 3: Robot Girl Fights

Chapter 2: Gotcha Force Assemble
Episode 4: Hero Time
Episode 5: The Air Up There
Episode 6: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Of The Round
Episode 7: Flying on Wings of Bolts
Episode 8: Knuckle Dusting
Episode 9: Re-march of the Machines
Episode 10: Wizards of Safari Town

Chapter 3: All Force Expansion
Episode 11: Ninja Zone Revisited
Episode 12: Gunman Style
Episode 13: Tank Girl: The Video Game
Episode 14: A Machine for Dragons
Episode 15: Knight of Fire
Episode 16: Tanks for everything!
Episode 17: Musha Madness
Episode 18: Triple Tribead
Episode 18B: Where Kou had been

Chapter 4: Time to Get Serious
Episode 19: Rush and Kou
Episode 20: DragoTime
Episode 21: Fortress Follies
Episode 22: Machine Mania
Episode 23: The Dragon King and Pals
Episode 24: Death vs. Death Part 1
Episode 25: Death vs. Death Part 2
Episode 26: Weapons of Choice Part 1
Episode 27: Weapons of choice Part 2
Episode 28: Boost up for Dragon Buster
Episode 29: It's time for Dragon Buster

Chapter 5: Endgame
Episode 30: The Beginning of the End
Episode 31: Operation Take Down
Episode 32: Mop Up Video
Episode 33: Kou's Last Stand
Gotcha Force Episode 34: Final Rush

Gotcha Force Episode 35: A Very Special Gotcha Force
Final Thoughts on Gotcha Force

Unseen Tribes:

Incomplete Tribes:

Complete Tribes:

Challenge Mode
A run through the Insane course, featuring Dirien as Player 2.
Gotcha Force Challenge Mode: Battles 1 - 5
Gotcha Force Challenge Mode: Battles 6 - 10
Gotcha Force Challenge Mode: Battles 11 - 15

Versus Mode
Some versus mode matches to demonstrate how various borgs function in competitive multiplayer.
1P = Agent Rush, 2P = Dirien, 3P = Kaze, 4P = Superbleeder
Gotcha Force Versus Mode: Round 1
Gotcha Force Versus Mode: Round 2
Cyber Machine Match 1
Cyber Machine Match 2

Know Your Borg
Short videos detailing Borgs I find particularly interesting or noteworthy.

Know Your Borg 1: G Red
Know Your Borg 2: Star Hero
Know Your Borg 3: Flying Saucer
Know Your Borg 4: Blade Wing
Know Your Borg 5: Copy Man
Know Your Borg 6: Death Borg Omicron
Know Your Borg 7: Garuda
Know Your Borg 8: Neo G Red
Know Your Borg 9: ICBM Tank
Know Your Borg 10: Fused Dragons
Know Your Borg 11: Ultimate Cannon
Know Your Borg 12: Cyber Machine Seiryu
Know Your Borg 13: Victory Machine
Pop Honey & Ultimate Cannon: Best Friends Forever
Know Your Borg 14: Cyber Machine Genbu
Know Your Borg 15: Victory King
Know Your Borg 16: Cyber Machine Byakko
Know Your Borg 17: Cyber Machine Suzaku
Know Your Borg 18: G Black

How Not To Use
Quick videos of embarrassing or entertaining failure.

How not to use Jet Hero

Arena Watch
Brief looks at the various stages of the game.

Arena Watch 1: Little Hill
Arena Watch 2: Kakeru's House
Arena Watch 3: Mana's Room
Arena Watch 4: Sunnyside Park
Arena Watch 5: Safaritown Marketplace
Arena Watch 6: Stone River
Arena Watch 7: Neo Elementary
Arena Watch 8: Construction Yard
Arena Watch 9: Your Room
Arena Watch 10: The Pit
Arena Watch 11: Red & Blue Death Lair
Arena Watch 12: Serenity Street
Arena Watch 13: Death Base
Arena Watch 14: Sky Fortress
Arena Watch 15: Greater Tricity Area
Arena Watch 16: Stratosphere
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