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Part 4: The city of Khorinis (Part two)

Small update. These city updates take so long with such little actual "game" because of all the typing. I sure wish some nerd had made a game script.

I awoke the following morning and began to make my way down to the marketplace when I noticed a familiar face sitting on a bench nearby: Canthar. He'd said he would manage to get into the city and it seemed he had.

Canthar saw me and waved me over.

"Hey you, I have a proposition", he said.

"What is it?" I asked.

Canthar leaned in close. "I want my old stall in the marketplace back. Sarah snatched it away from me. But she has had that spot long enough. I want her to give up the stall."

"And what's my part in this?"

"I will give you a letter to stick in her pocket. Then you go to Andre and tell him that Sarah is selling weapons to Onar. She lands in prison, you pocket the bounty, and I get the stall. You have two days to accomplish this."

"What's in it for me?"

Canthar laughed softly. "When I have the stall, you will get a weapon from me - and a damned good one."

This was sounding like it may be too much risk for a weapon. "What will happen if I refuse to do it?"

"That would be truly stupid of you, because you see, I know that you are an escaped convict", The merchant said, smiling. "If that gets around, it could do considerable harm to your situation in the city... "

I didn't like to be blackmailed, but I couldn't risk being thrown out of the city or being imprisoned. "All right, looks like I've got no choice."

Canthar handed me a rolled up letter. "You're a clever lad. Here is the letter."

"How am I supposed to foist the letter on her?

"Let her show you her wares - and while she does, you hide the letter on her. And bear in mind, I am an influential man in the city, so don't try to play me for a fool."

I needed to think about how I'd go about handling this Canthar situation. I decided to get to know some of the nearby merchants while I figured something out.

The Merchant Baltram had a stall next to the inn. He was a food merchant, though he didn't have much in stock at that time. I inquired about work but he had none at that time.

Zuris' stall was situated right next to Baltram. He was the official reseller for Master Constantino, the city's alchemist. He, too, had no work but he gave me a few helpful tips about finding herbs.

Hakon's stall was the closest stall to Vatras' small shrine to Adanos.

He greeted me when I approached. "I am Hakon, the weapons dealer. Every man should carry a weapon these days. Especially when venturing outside of the city walls."

"Where do you get your weapons from?" I asked.

"Harad the smith has been my supplier up to now. Now all he does is make stuff for the paladins. He works for those guys day and night like a madman, without pay. He thinks it's his duty. All I can offer you now is my remaining stock."

"What do you know about the bandits?" I asked next.

"What do I know about them? They robbed me on my way to the city! And I'm not the only one. They've been up to their tricks for quite a while. The militia tried to track them down but without any success."

"Do you know who of the militia took part in the search?"

"The fellow's name is Pablo. He and a few others went looking for the bandits. But they didn't find them."

I knew Pablo. He'd stopped me yesterday about the poster he'd found.

"Where did they hold you up?"

"Near Akil's farm. Just go out the city gate from here and follow the road to the right. After awhile, you'll get to a few steps. The bastards came from there. I bet they have their hideout back there in the woods."

"What do you know about the disappearances of the citizens of Khorinis?

"I have seen many pass through the eastern city gate. Some of those who came I had never seen before in my life, and many of those who went out never came back. But what happened the other day was really quite strange. There was this fellow who came here - I think his name is Joe. He bragged that he could soon come into some serious money. He claimed that he knew how to get into one of the city towers where the militia keep their arms. I haven't seen him since, even though I used to bump into him around the same time every day. I reported this to the militia. I thought that maybe he'd been caught and thrown into the dungeon. But Lord Andre had no idea what I was talking about. He didn't even know the fellow."

"I'll deal with it." I said, acting as tough as I could.

Hakon held back laughter. "What, YOU want to take on the bandits? By yourself? you're quite a good fighter, huh?"

"How much is the matter worth to you?"

"That's a dangerous business. Well, it's all right with me. I'll pay you 100 gold pieces if you defeat the bandits."

After we were done conversing, I browsed through his wares. All the weapons he had were far out of my price range or ability. I'd have to return later.

I made my way over to the next stall. It was tended by a skittish man named Jora.

"Innos be with you, stranger. If you are looking for a good selection for the traveler, then you're in the right place. But I'm warning you: if you're planning on helping yourself without paying, I'll call the city guard!"

I raised my hand in objection. "Just a moment, do I look like a thief?" I kind of did.

"Bah!", he said scornfully. "You wouldn't be the first one to make off with my things today."

"Somebody stole from you?"

"I can't prove it. The fellow was damned clever. Introduced himself as Rengaru - if that really is his right name. He's been hanging around the marketplace the last few days. And every evening he gets plastered at the beer stand down the street. I bet the bastard is drinking MY money! I only looked away for a moment and my purse was gone!"

"I could get your gold back for you."

"Oh? And why would you do that?"

"That depends - can you help me get into the upper quarter?"

Jora laughed. "You've got the wrong man. I'm from out of town - like most of the merchants in the marketplace. If you want to get into the upper quarter, go talk to the resident merchants in the lower part of town."

"I'm looking for clues to the thieves' guild!

Jora rubbed his chin. "I might well be able to help you. Listen - if you get my gold back for me from that Rengaru fellow, I'll tell you what I know."

"Why didn't you call the city guard?"

"The guards only respond if a thief is caught in the act."

"How much gold was in that purse?"

"50 gold pieces - that's quite a lot in these crappy times."

"I'll see what I can do.

"Be careful! if you just knock the bastard down, the city guard will get involved. Lately, things have been getting really rough here. Since the paladins come to town, the guards have been cracking down harshly on brawlers. So, think of something..."

"I shall"

After a few moments of searching, I saw the man that Jora spoke of. Rengaru was smugly standing by a post in the marketplace. I approached him from the side.

I tapped him on the shoulder "Jora says you've got his money."

"Dammit! I'm outta here."

Rengaru turned and ran, and I immediately gave chase.

He first ran up past the militia barracks. Rengaru was quick, but I managed to keep him in sight the whole time.

He turned the corner and ran down into a small courtyard.

I jumped over the side of the wall and caught him leaning against a tree to catch his breath. He had nowhere to run now.


The thief groaned. "What do you want from me?"

"You stole form Jora in broad daylight, and he even saw you do it. So, I've come to tell you that you're a lousy thief and that now you're going to tell me who you are."

"I'm nothing but a poor wretch, trying to make ends meet one way or another. What else can I do? I can't find a job in town."

"All right. Spare me your whining. You'd better hand over Jora's gold now."

Rengaru quickly coughed it up. "Here's the dough, man! But now let me go, I'll never do it again."

"I should turn you in to the militia."

"What else do you want? I've got nothing left! Let me go, man!" he pleaded.

I decided to spare him. "Get lost! And don't show your face around here again!"

"you won't regret this! Thanks, man!"

I returned to Jora with the good news.

"About the thief..."

"Yes? How's it going? Have you caught him - and much more importantly - do you have my gold?"

"He got away from me" I lied.

"And what about my gold? Did it get away with him?"

I tossed a sack of coin to the merchant. "Here's the 50 gold pieces he stole from you."

"Innos be praised! There is still justice in the city."

"What do you know about the thieves' guild?"

"Right - listen up - you haven't heard anything of what I'm about to tell you from me, capisce? There are shady characters who frequent the dockside pub. I bet the landlord knows a thing or two. If you're planning to track down the thieves, you should go talk to HIM. You could act like you're up to something crooked, for example. Maybe he'll fall for it. Be very careful. These people are not to be trifled with."

That wasn't nearly as helpful as I'd hoped. "I want part of the gold as a reward."

"But I already gave you a valuable hint. That should suffice as a reward for you. If it's gold you want, then hunt down the thieves and collect the bounty from Lord Andre. Now, I must get back to my customers."

I walked by a Fire Mage standing near the city gate in the marketplace and I remembered what Thorben had told me. If I needed his approval for apprenticeship, and therefore citizenship, I'd need to get a blessing from both a follower of Innos and of Adanos. I approached the mage.

"What can I do for you? Are you seeking spiritual comfort? Do you want to direct a prayer to our Lord Innos or donate some gold for his church?"

"I've come to get your blessing!"

"That's good, that's good - then you will probably want to donate gold to the holy church of Innos, won't you?"

"Actually, I wanted your blessing so I can sign on as an apprentice in the lower part of town..."

"But, my son! Without a modest donation to the church, it is impossible for me to bless you. How else can I be certain of your good intentions towards the holy church of Innos?"

"So how much does a donation usually run for here?"

"Well, that depends on what percentage you want to give. Let me see how much you brought." The schiester priest grabbed my money pouch and looked through it. "You have more than a hundred gold pieces - the Lord says 'give if you have'."

Daron took it upon himself to remove 50 coins from my pouch. "The church accepts your generous donation. I bless you in the name of Innos. For he is light and righteousness."

I felt violated but I couldn't do anything about it. I decided to at least waste his time with a few questions.

"How can I become a Fire Magician?"

"You must join our order as a novice. When you have served for a time, perhaps you will be accepted into the ranks of the magicians. However, the path to acceptance is long and full of work and study."

"Tell me more about the monastery."

"We instruct our students in all forms of magic. But the arts of the Magicians of Fire consist of more than these alone. We are also well versed in the art of alchemy and in the creation of powerful runes. We also make an excellent wine."

I nodded, content with the answer, and walked a few feet to Sarah's stall.

I made some small talk with Sarah while I worked up the nerve to possibly ruin her life.

"How's business?"

"When the paladins came, I first thought that was a good business opportunity. But they let Harad make their weapons, and neither Hakon nor I make even one gold piece off of them. Moreover, the farmers no longer supply us with food, and all the prices have gone up. It's only a small consolation that the paladins are paying my hotel bill."

She offered to show me her wares, and I grudgingly accepted.

I browsed through her things looking for the perfect place to hide the note.

If I was going to frame this woman, I figured I should at least know what it was going to be for. I unfurled the note in my hand and silently read it.

It wasn't too late to change my mind, but I needed to make a decision. Would I frame Sarah for the favor of Canthar or turn in the crooked merchant to Lord Andre?