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Part 26: Razor Hunting

Kind of a boring chapter, mostly combat. I didn't realize how short it was when I cut it up. Oh well!

Chapter 25: Razor Hunting

The posse regrouped by the wetlands at the edge of the canyon. It was here that Skip suggested that we rendezvous if anything went wrong. I agreed and we moved out.

Just past the small watering hole we spotted the first two Razors. The snapper-like beasts charged. I sustained a few deep cuts on my torso, but together we were able to take them down fairly easily.

Matt had been bitten in the scuffle so I tossed him a potion. Everyone else made it through without a scrape.

We continued on and moments later we spotted a few razors hunting some desert rats nearby. We stalked them for a short distance before cornering and slaughtering them.

We reached the end of the Canyon. As we walked down the eastern path, one of the men saw something quite troubling. Orcs had somehow made their way to this part of the island and camped out. We skirted past the orcish camp and continued to the east to look for Razors

The path took us under a natural, stone arch. According to my map, continuing this way would eventually take us to the swamp.

At the top of the hill we found the last group of Razors. As I crested the hill first, I was the target of most of the beasts' attacks. I sustained a few bites and cuts but thankfully the others arrived in time.

With the razors cleaned up, I decided there was no sense in wasting this opportunity. We had a sizable group and little knowledge of the surrounding area. I gathered the posse and gave the order. We continued on, encountering one of the gaunt creatures known as a bloodhound.

We followed a small, winding path up to the stone arch. At the very top I found a marking denoting a buried treasure.

Across the arch were some more bloodhounds guarding a cave.

After dispatching the bloodhounds, I inched closer to the cave. An old, sun bleached skeleton sat in a nearby corner, still holding onto its weapons. I looted what I could carry and started to go into the cave. Skip raised his voice.

"This is far enough," He said, "If you insist on going further, count us out!"

Skip's objection riled the rest of the crew who had already begun to head back. I unsuccessfully tried to convince them to return but they wouldn't have it. I returned to camp.

Greg was sitting on a chair outside of his hut. I went to tell him the good news.

"About that canyon..." I said

"Yeah, what about it?"

"I killed all the razors."

"Good. You seem to be a useful fellow."

"I need that bandits armor." I reminded him.

"You're quite something! Bones was supposed to wear that armor and spy on the bandits. But maybe YOU'RE the better man for the job. Perhaps you even stand a chance of coming out of there alive. Talk to bones and let him give you the armor. Then put it on and go to the bandits' camp. I need to know why these scumbags came to our valley in the first place. "

"Have you got anything else for me to do?

"There are still bandits in the southern tower on the cliff. Francis should have handled them. You can handle that as well if you like." I shrugged. I figured I may as well. It was on the way back to the swamp.

"Aye aye, Captain!" I said loudly while giving an exaggerated salute.

I found bones over on the beach. He'd been constantly training since I'd first arrived in camp.

"You're supposed to give me the bandit's armor. Orders from Greg."

He looked relieved. "From Greg? Whew, I already thought I'd have to go after all. This spy job in the bandits' camp is nothing short of a suicide mission. I'd rather have Greg heap his chores on me than get myself killed by those bandits."

I wanted the armor, not his life story. "The armor?" I said, irritated.

"Oh, yeah, right. Here it is." Bones picked up the set of armor and handed it to me. "Just be careful. Those bandits are a bad lot."

I looked over the armor. It seemed to be made of hide and fur. It wasn't that different from the armor I'd worn in the New Camp.

It was now getting late so I decided to retire for the night. Tomorrow I'd clear out the bandits tower and make my way back toward the swamp.