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Part 44: Mini-Update: An Old Friend

Mini-Update - An Old Friend

The following morning, I set out for the south of the Castle. My goal this morning was to scavenge some provisions from the various bits of wreckage strewn about the area. While exploring the area adjacent to Fareth's ore mining camp, I noticed what seemed to be an Orc Shaman on the cliff above.

I crept up behind him, my sword at the ready. Just as I'd been ready to deliver a fatal blow, the Shaman turned and shouted.

"KHROTOK JABARTH!" The Orc hesitated, taking another moment to look me over. "Wait! Me know you. You friend human with a soft voice!"

It was Ur-Shak, the Orc who'd helped me so much in the colony!

"Friend kill evil demon KRUSHAK." he continued.

"You picked a funny time to cross my path. I almost killed you. What are you doing here?"

"Ur-Shak look over land and see what become of land and my people."

"Why are there so many of you?" I asked, in reference to the invasion.

"Orcs come from mountains, but others come with ships and make big fence."

"What is hidden behind the long orc fence in the east?"

"Orcs always make big fence and home camp for war. Fence good for war. Hide strength of army and protect orcs."

"And why are the orcs attacking the humans?"

My Orcish friend looked a bit puzzled. "Ur-Shak always tell orc people that humans no evil and many good friends there. But shaman no listen Ur-Shak. Ur-Shak still in disfavor with people. So Ur-Shak no hear exactly what big plan of war against humans."

"What are you planning to do?"

"Ur-Shak wait for orc scouts bring Ur-Shak to Hosh-Pak." I froze at mention of the name.

"Why don't you go talk to him then?"

"Ur-Shak try and try get again honor and old place in council of Shamans but til now, Hosh-Pak no listen Ur-Shak. Orcs kill Ur-Shak if see him without scouts. Ur-Shak must talk Hosh-Pak. Maybe lucky today."

"Hosh-Pak is dead." I told him. There was no sense in letting him wait for something that would never happen.

"Hosh-Pak dead? RUSHATASOK! My heart carry heavy load. Ur-Shak never forget great orc make Ur-Shak shaman."

"I understand. Hosh-Pak was your mentor."

"Ur-Shak now must carry burden of grief. Must give Hosh-Pak last rites. Ur-Shak must go. Friend better go over pass. Too dangerous here. Ur-Shak sad if friend human also die."

The Orc wandered away, and I headed back to the Castle. That was the last time I ever came across Ur-Shak. Some time later, I would hear rumor of a war party of Orcs led by an enraged Shaman that was intent on hunting down and killing the human who murdered his mentor.