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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

by Doctor Roosevelt

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Original Thread: Let's Play GTA: San Andreas FOREVER


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Someone said you could take any video from Gun, GTA III, or this thread and overlay the commentary onto one of the others without noticing at all. That's probably as apt a description as I can come up with for our group.

A little background info:



John sat around on his bunk just thinking of what was out there in San decided to talk to John walked in to Vics bunk he was nearly hit by a lamp."Stinking Son of Bitches!!!" Vic said as he prepared to throw something then saw John."John can you believe this!!Their gonna discharge me!!Do you know what this means!!!????" Vic said as John replied "Why??Whos they????".Vic yelled back at him "The frecking Commander of the military in San Andreas!!Look how about you take care of this for me??Huh!!listen i pay you and here take this" as Vic handed John a AK-47."sht man is this antigue???" john said as he took the replied "Its the best i can do without taking one of the guns from the base which would get everybody fired .That thing is in good condition.I took with me from my time in Nam."

VIDEOS : From after my computer decided to shit itself.

Part 0 Intro
Part 1 Missions
Part 2 Sweet missions
Part 3 Sweet missions again
Part 4 More Sweet missions
Part 5 Non-dead brother missions
Part 6 They gave sweet a lot of missions
Part 7 Sweet missions, still
Part 8 Car DDR vigilante stuff
Bonus 1 Car accidents abound
Part 9 Cesar stuff
Bonus 2 Hot Coffee with girlfriend Mario mod
Part 10 Fireman
Part 11 Motorcycle vigilante
Part 12 Los Santos side missions
Part 13 Meet OG Loc
Part 14 Let's go to Las Venturas
Part 15 Intro to robbery missions
Part 16 Bloodring, San Fierro, Satchel Charges
Part 17 Big Smoke and stupid gay train shit
Part 18 Big Smoke and AD&D 4th edition
Part 19 Too many damn weekend soldiers
Part 20 Oyster rages and we go off topic completely
Part 21 More Loc missions
Part 22 Not enough damn weekend soldiers
Part 23 More forklift
Part 24 Graveyards and Las Venturas
Part 25 Onto the Badlands once more
Part 26 Oyster fetch-quest with Oyster
Part 27 Cesar's cousin & trucking
Part 28 Chiliad bike racing and sniper rifling
Part 29 Courier missions for Hippie Shopper
Part 30 Trucking missions con rapido
Part 31 NRG-500 in less than a dozen tries
Part 32 Photohunt in San Fierro
Part 33 The Truth
Part 34 Catalina's stupid missions
Part 35 "Small Town Bank"
Part 36 A betting shop in Montgomery
Part 37 Badlands races, Woozie <3, Claude Speed
Part 38 San Fierro. We've finally made it.
Bonus 3 Metropolis Zone, pot fields, and explosives
Bonus 4 Tripping balls
Part 39 San Fierro real estate mogul
Part 40 I probably should get those houses now
Part 41 Flowers in your hair
Part 42 David Cross's RC Cars
Part 43 555 We Tip
Bonus 5 Valet Parking music video sequence
Part 44 Deconstruction and Cocaine shit=
Part 45 The mission inspiring the hit music video
Part 46 Pleasure Dome
Part 47 Actually beating Jizzy's mission this time
Part 48 T-Bone Mendez and Mike Toreno
Part 49 ...Mike Toreno
Part 50 Snail Trail
Part 51 Ice Cold Killa
Part 52 Pier 69
Part 53 Mountain Cloud Boys/Ran Fan Li
Part 54 Lure
Part 55 Amphibious Assault
Part 56 Da Nang Thang
Part 57 Ya Ka Boom Boom
Part 58 Customs Fast Track
Part 59 Fluf
Part 60 Mysterious Question Mark Man
Part 61 Warning, this video is LOUD, featuring burrito
Part 62 Also loud, NOE
Part 63 Duke Tuggo
Part 64 Green Goo
Part 65 Las Venturas Courier
Unique Stunt jumps bonus video OH BOY
Part 66 Rockstar sucks at programming for Quarry
Part 67 Quarry submissions
Part 68 Finishing fucking quarry
Part 69 You've had your chips
Part 70 Don Peyote
Bonus Horseshoes
Part 71 This is gonna be the shittiest heist ever...
Part 72 I have the flu and killed Millie in a rage
Part 73 Dam and blast, starring Duke Togo
Part 74 Cop Wheels
Part 75 Up, up and away
Part 76 Intensive Care
Part 77 The amazing Pepsiman reveal
Part 78 I save a rapper :I
Part 79 Yeah, jacking a jet while it's in the air. From a turboprop, no less.
Part 80 Satchie and Pulaski go way back
Part 81 Trip to Liberty City. Is my target Giorgio Forelli? Who the fuck knows!
Part 82 Casino heist at Caliguler's.
Part 83 A Home in the Hills
Part 84 Verticle Bird
Part 85 CherryDoom's script changes
Part 86 Home Coming
Part 87 How to use material I probably should've deleted during editing
Part 88 How to butthurt a Rock Tumbler
Part 89 Oh boy more fuckin' OG Loc
Part 90 Beatdown on B-Dup
Part 91 Grove 4 Life
Part 92 Riots
Part 93 Los Desperados. Straight talk from Sweet.
Part 94 It's Millie, she ain't dead.
Part 95 Gang territory glitch.
Part 96 End of the Line.
Part 97 A post-100% world.
Part 98 A cheat code enabled world.
Part 99 Hey there officer nice badge nice badge smooth move Lance

Video sites:
Viddler versions
GameVee versions Assholes went belly-up

Mods used

Kszchroink's Fantastic Satchel Charge Mod
RedHasSandles Cesar mod
RedHasSandles creates the best texture reskin ever

Fan Art

CherryDoom's interpretation of Rock Tumbler plowing into a wall at 80 miles an hour after watching Death Proof


Kszchroink's Fantastic Satchel Charge Mod

Batmans dad

Rock Tumbler

Some original run videos that didn't entirely suck:

Old 1- Whambulance mini-game fun time.
Old 2- DDR mission/Horror At Party Beach Massacre.
Old 3- My revenge on Sweet yet again for that shit he pulled back in video 2b.
Bonus Video Train Hijacking Hijinx, brought to you by Wugga & Co./Old 4
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