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Part 12: Such wonderful table manners

So, funny thing about progression in this game.

There are plenty of points of no return, but the game occasionally lets you revisit a town from earlier in the story. Not only does the dialogue of the townsfolk sometimes change, there are also brand new dinner scenes! So despite how little sense it makes, we're going back to Carbo today.

It is not completed yet, but we returned to gather more supplies.

Elena desperately tries to justify my decision in her dialogue. I'm not buying it.

Old Man: Oh! Well then.

I don't think the old man is either.

Villager: And Elena, you're out there doing your best. So we can't just sit around and fret!

I am so relieved... All RIGHT then! Back to WORK!

Not so fast there, Princess. PACE yourself, all right? It's ME that has to pick up the pieces if you break.

No, Father. Actually, we have not left yet.


You see, there is much yet to do...

Blah, blah, blah. Look, we'll leave as soon as we're good and rested.

I see. Then, please, rest yourselves.

Flyin' Jim Phoenix: It's just like old times, it is... Why if she were here I'd give HER a whooping she'd NEVER forget! Heh, heh!

He can thank me later for not transcribing the typo in his dialogue. Let's get some grub.

I'll be presenting the dialogue that results from alternately picking Elena and Roan. I think that results in a decent flow of dialogue overall.

It is so calming to be back in Carbo. It brings back quite a few memories.

Heh! You're homesick ALREADY? Don't EVEN start telling me that you don't want to leave...

No. I would never do such a thing. I have a job to fulfill... No matter what, I am going to Granas Cathedral.

Miss Elena, you are so determined.

Hee-hee. I am glad to hear that. I am just thankful that I was able to spend so much time here, growing up...

I really enjoy this village. I just do not know much of the world outside this place. I know virtually nothing outside Carbo.

But I have traveled quite far, and seen a great many towns and villages... And this one is rather lovely in comparison.

This village has been struggling of late. Harvests are less bountiful than before, and monsters encroach the village.

Even the statue of Lord Granas ended up... destroyed... None who lived here would ever have imagined such a tragedy.

Miss Elena... do not worry. The villagers here will never give in to misfortune! They will remain strong, like you.

I think it is apparent by being here. After tragedy, the villagers did not flee, they stuck around to rebuild.

Roan... Thank you so much.

Ah... You are such a sweet person, Roan. I really am happy to be from Carbo!

... I think I'll go over there and vomit now, thanks.

The scriptures have always taught that Lord Granas helps those that help themselves.

Oh, for the love of...! Why must I be subject to this religious nonsense? Elena. Roan. You're both WAY too naive.

What, but Ryudo, is that not because you are so--?

Lollipop Lane, kid, Lollipop Lane.

That's all the interesting new stuff in Carbo, so let's see what's going on back in Agear.


No need to thank us.

But it's okay if I thank you for helping me get my medal back, right? Gee, Mister Ryudo, you're the greatest!

Shut it, kid, or I'll shove you back into that cave.


Yeah. I plan to steer clear of those psychos.

Ryudo, just who are these sand monsters?

They're sandmen. They live in the Baked Plains, they're not exactly something we want to run into.

Guard: You call them sandmen, huh? How original... I bet they travel single file to hide their numbers, too.


I hear they ambush people by hiding in the sand and they can blow sandstorms at you when they attack.

Gross! Can you imagine all the sand that must get in your hair and clothes?

You're missing the point!

Hero implies working for free. So, trust me, I'm no hero... Just a garden variety Geohound.

Guard: I see. Well, listen up. Ahead are the Baked Plains. Beyond that, the scar of the earth, the Granacliffs.

Guard: That fabled gorge is said to be bottomless. So step carefully! Ha, ha, ha!

Uh, how come you keep staring at me, Miss Elena? Do I look funny or something?

No, it's not that. I was just admiring your table manners.

Mister Gonzola would tease me about the way I eat. "Stop tryin' to be so damned dainty!" he'd say.

Don't even get me started on that Gonzola guy...

My mother? Oh... She passed away a long time ago... She was very ill her whole life.

Oh... Oh my... I-I am so very sorry, Roan. I did not know. I never would have asked...

Do not worry, Miss Elena. I can hardly remember my mother, it was a very long time ago. I wish I could have known her better.

Me? W-What do you mean?

You are so... kind, yet strong. You are always putting others ahead of yourself. And you are so forgiving all the time.

You are just so close to the way I have always imagined my mother... Of course, my image of her is of my own creation...

I do not ever want to upset you, Roan. I think of you as... as my little brother.

Ha! That's perfect! They say that little brothers are more dependable than bigger sisters!

Hey! Just what is THAT supposed to mean?!

Hold on a second, Roan. "Hugged"? I have never hugged you before.

No, that was Millenia. She squeezed him REAL tight.


The Wings of Valmar... we must hurry and see His Holiness Zera to have him exorcise the Darkness. Or else...

Hey! Whoa now. Millenia didn't do anything... bad... did she?

Do not say that name any more! If you knew the horror of Valmar, you would realize the seriousness of the situation!

... It... It is OK, Roan.

But just what exactly is going on between you two?

You get jealous because she HUGGED him? Sheesh, Elena. Ease up on the kid a little.

Ryudo. That's not funny...

That's about all we're getting out of this.

Ah, a very admirable outlook, Ryudo.

Well, a certain someone does constantly nag me about it... Besides, I should stay in shape if I want to stay a Geohound.

Official Art: Ryudo, Elena and a bunch of Carros