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Part 59: Cantai a nossa canção

Oh... what will come of us?

It has come to this after all...

Yes... We have been defeated...

Soldier: We are surrounded by the enemy and cannot escape. What shall we do?

...! There is only one thing to do! You two - I need your help!


VIDEO: The Shadow Comes (next few screenshots)

Thank you. I am in your debt.

Not at all. It is my duty.

* R U M B L E *

Citizen: The time of judgment is here! AAHH! It's the end of the world!

Please, calm yourselves! Do not be ruled by fear!

Stop them!

I will... keep you safe... You will see!

MUSIC: Silence.

Why do I try to stand? Why do I yet move? How can this be?!

Voice: Ryudo! How do you feel?

What is happening... to me? After I fell... What was done to me?

Voice: Do not be confused, yet rejoice... for you have been brought back from the grave.

DEAD?! No... I was... But I'm still...

Voice: Look at yourself! Behold your new form with your own eyes!

Voice: You were dead. And now you are no longer human. You are a god!

Voice: You have been reborn! Yes, you are a god! You are the foul and wretched Valmar!


Voice: Your new form is a reflection of your true heart - the heart you have hidden even from yourself, twisted and corrupt.

Voice: Your veins swell with bile and bitterness, for the human heart is full of Darkness. Come, rejoice in your rebirth!

I... I will not. There are too many things left undone... Too... many debts still unpaid...

Voice: Do not be foolish. It is far too late for such things. Your soul has been defeated. Witness your new form if proof you need!

NO! This can't be...

Voice: Come, discard your unneeded heart, foul and black as it is!

VIDEOS: Awakening (mind the playlist, there's two videos. "Video ends" to skip to screenshots.)

If you'd like, you can sync this part to the lyrics below to simulate watching the video. You should probably just watch the video.

♫ Louvai! Madrugada,

♫ Alma bela, dança da terra.

♫ ó, sintam! O vendaval da coragem!

♫ Transbordai! Leite da terra,

♫ Beijo do ceu, chuva do rejubilo.

♫ Uma semente pequena, desejo

♫ grande, grande, grande!

Mother: It might be dangerous. Stay HERE!

Citizen: I know! We can... still do things on our own! We can't give up.

Other Citizen: It's true! We're still alive!

♫ Cultivai um caminho, novo caminho

♫ Festejem, ceifam, um milão

♫ De espigas, as espigas do destino...

Thank you. I heard your song.

Ryudo! So you WON!?

Of course! Ryudo would never lose!

A believing heart... is strong, I see! Hearts are made to be together.

Yes. This is our power!

Video ends.

These people... The world... They will never forgive you!

Yes. True Light springs not from heaven, but from the human heart itself. The Light was never - CAN never - be lost!

This is the truth... There IS still Light in the human heart... in OUR hearts!

This is the heart Mareg wanted me to feel! The heart of... Light... I feel it too!

And that's where we regain control. Activating the symbol beneath the party's feet will take us to the final battle, but what have we done every other time we had an urgent matter to attend to? That's right, have some pleasant conversation. This is our last chance to talk to anyone of our own volition, so let's make use of it.

Citizen: But now I know how WRONG I was! I'm not alone! Look how many friends I have!!

That is the lesson of Elena's song. Neither you nor I can ever be alone.

On that note, here are the lyrics to Canção do Povo from when we read them during our first visit to Cyrum:


Give praise! I can feel the dawn, a lovely spirit, an earthly dance. I feel it! A courageous wind!
Overflowing! Milk of the earth, a kiss from heaven, a joyful downpour. So much hope in just one tiny little seed!
Plow it now! One row, a new row. And celebrate! The harvest is in! A million plants in the crop of destiny!
Sing! Pass along our songs! Songs of the people! This is our power, our door of hope!

As with A Deus, these lyrics are an expanded version of what's actually sung, which is basically a list of nouns and verbs.

I am certain of it as well! All the people of the world are fighting alongside us! We are as one!

Whoa now! How could ALL the people in the world know of our battle?!

Citizen: But they DO know!! Everyone in the world must have heard her song! The song that echoed through their hearts!

There was nothing special about it. All I did was try to do what I know best... so I just sang and sang!

We of the Mau Tribe have a saying: "A song born from the heart will give birth again." NOW I understand what it means!

Yes. And Elena's song was born from her heart... I could understand...

Here, the Valmar, have a trophy!

We've finally gained TRUE strength! We can't let our guard down now!

Ah! Ryudo! Alas, I be a captain without a ship. But I refuse to give up hope! I WILL sail again!

Just leave the little critters to me! You take on the big one!

Thanks Bakala! We'll take care of it! Give it your best!

Citizen: And well... man is she hootin' and hollerin' and I don't know WHAT! So, ah... Let's all pull together, Your Majesty!

Amidst all this, a new child can be born into this world. What is more inspiring than that?

Heh! Mr. Risotto! Do not worry, we will take on Valmar, you just work anything else that gets in the way!

Right! You betcha! I dink you look real fancy-like now RoaN! You have GROWN up! You're almost as impressive as da boss!

As Gonzola?! Whoooah! That's sooo impressive. Roan, you should stand proud at such an insul-- er, compliment!

Hey! I wanna fight too! Take me wid you, I ready to fight da munsters!

Risotto! You already ARE fighting with us! But your battle is a bit different from ours!

Now dere you go again wid dose fancy words! I can't understand such fancy words... Risotto not smart! Big, yes! But not smart!

What he is trying to tell you, is that you must stay back and help protect everyone here. Understand?

Ha! Mr. Geohound!

Let me guess... you need MY help! Here comes the Geohound, groveling back...

Yeah, yeah! And I'd also like a hole in my head and a dagger shoved in my back. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I don't need YOUR help!

Oh... N-Now THAT hurts! I'm always serious! It's just that when the dice are falling in your favor, you don't question the result.

And you never question that which outsmarts, outclasses and outperforms you... ME! Ha! Let's go!

*drops mic, defeats Valmar*

Alright, so the shopkeeper's still around. Will he at least give us his stock for free, considering the world's going to end if we fail?

Okay, that's the Hard Hack's fault, to prevent buying stat boosts, but still. Not even a discount?

You can still buy SC and MC if you need to finish up your mana eggs and skill books this far in.

He sells the stuff he sold back in Cyrum as well and there's no more use for gold after this, so there's no reason not to spend it all.

But you... oh, whatever. Next time, we end religion.

Official Art: Valmar, Weapons (Ryudo's Granasaber and other swords)