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Gravity Rush

by TheJayOfSpade, Chorpsaway

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Original Thread: Falling for You - Let's Play Gravity Rush



Ow, stupid apple. - Sir Isaac Newton

In the center of the world is a tower. The tower stretches forever into the Heavens above and forever into the depths below. Attached to the tower is the city of Hekseville. This is where a young girl with no memories and mysterious powers wakes up.

Gravity Rush was a game released for the Playstation Vita near the system's launch. It's a 3D open world action game where you control Kat, a girl who can control gravity. This allows her to do amazing things, like run on walls and fall into the sky, and even have a cat! The world of Gravity Rush was inspired by Eastern and Western comics, with a distinct French flair. The world is cel-shaded but with a darker color palette that gives the game a unique and beautiful look.

I'm TheJayOfSpade, I'll be playing the PS4 Remastered version of the game. Falling beside me will be my buddy Chorpsaway. We're both fans of the game, and I'll be completing all the challenges and finding all the collectibles.

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, so let's not discuss the second game, even in spoiler tags.

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