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Grim Fandango

by Luisfe

Part 18

Nice little red book they had. I'm sure we will use it soon.

See? nice commie book.

Outer part of the Blue Casket. Small door in the left is an elevator, not visiting that yet.

See? Still, not going to use it. Yet.

Workers here. Might be able to find tools for Glottis.
Or a card.

Bees! Labor! Police oppresion!

That shall be fixed soon. Manny does know where to get a lawyer.

They are apparently quite apathetic.

Not really significant now.

Lambada: Some sort of music, not Lambda, the greek letter.

Damn that bottle.

Unimportant then.

Convenient, close to the cat race track.

Out of the question then.

Nice view of the racetrack's exterior area, and the blimp.

Cats. Races. Don't know how that works.

No idea, but Manny apparently manges to do it. Also, I REALLY like the decoration in this area.

We'll see that lighthouse soon. Not yet, though.

That's the Tattoo parlor. Where Seaman Naranja is. We'll see that in the next update. Yes, we will.