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UPDATE Number 17

Extra long due to lack of content yesterday.

This is the inside of Toto's workshop. Supposedly there are Sam and Max references here, but I do not remember where.

Tattoo binders, eh?

Anchor...Mania? Hahahahah.

That's what I think about regular tattoos.

So he did pick up sailors before or what? Heh. Heheheheh.

Not as strong as a coffin shooter, though. *hint hint*

So says the man.

I am sure that Naranja would not appreciate that.



Can I pick it up?


Empty, so no lootable things from this place

Oooh Liquid Nitrogen. I am sure that remembering that will be important later. Will visit the Morgue after I am done with this place.

I am sure that Naranja would appreciate less pain.

Told you

Apparently not enough

"Hello Toto, how are you?

He is unfriendly

He is a skeleton! HOW CAN HE STAIN A MATTRESS?

Let's see what is inside of it.

Empty then.

Ew. Ew.

Naranja won't like that.

Toto will, though.

That's it for the tattoo parlor. We will have to revisit it, we are definitely NOT done with Seaman Naranja there.