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Let's see what Manny has to say about his old files:

Manny: Ah the old files, the old clients, the glory days...
When people died with dignity, and Domino Hurley didn't exist.
I don't want to re-read the old files; it'll just make me sad.

Seems a bit nostalgic, eh? Also, he does not like that Domino Hurley guy. And with good reason, as you'll see in future updates.

Then let us move to his computer

Manny: My computer gives me instant access to our database of deadbeats.
Here's Celso's file.
That walking stick was too good for him.

If the walking stick was too good for him, then what the hell did he deserve really?

Let us see the pneumatic tube, it was moving the last time we saw it.

Manny: Looks like I got a message.
It's some sort of special work order.

To: All agents. From: Office Manager Don Copal
Alright you boneheads, thank your lucky stars and get to your freakin' cars!
We have a mass poisoning on our hands!
Too many dead to assign specific cases, so all clients are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!
So, let's see some hustle out there!

Manny: Whatever you say, jefe.
My message tube is full of nothing, as usual.

Oooh, a poisoning! A gazpacho poisoning! Gazpacho is some kind of Spanish cold soup/salad/thingie. More information about that in here. I've never eaten it. Copal (besides being Manny's boss' last name) is an aromatic resin, that the Mesoamerican cultures used as incense. Personally, I enjoy its smell, but enough with that, more information about that here..
Jefe means "boss" in spanish".
Business! Dead people! Apparently, business will be good today.

Let's check the inventory, and look around the room:

Manny: My scythe--I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.
It's some sort of special work order...
Memos are for reading and throwing away, and not much else.
This end cabinet is where I hang my cloak.
My boss is always giving me these motivational sales books...
"They Bought the Farm, Now Sell Them Cows," stuff like that.
Read 'em already. Didn't help.
It's a deck of cards.
Better take these cards-- it looks like a long day of solitaire for me.

This game, unlike the SCUMM games, lacks an icon based inventory, you can hold only one item at any given time, and you get a closeup with a description of it. Seems like Manuel likes his scythe, eh?

Let us check that deck of cards that we grabbed:

Manny: Better take these cards-- it looks like a long day of solitaire for me.
I don't feel like pitching the cards right now.
I've already got one card out, and I'm not dealing any more until there's money on the table.
This deck of cards is a little frayed around the edges.
Then again, so am I, and I've got fewer suits.
I keep meaning to mark these cards...

marking the cards. Clue for something that we will have to do in a while.

Let us check the door, and go on to the next room:

Manny: Wasn't too long ago that the name on the door was "Supply Closet."
(Sigh.) My old door.
Domino's door is locked.
Probably scared I'll steal one of his files.
Not a bad idea, actually.
It's my boss's secretary, Eva.

Eva: It's my boss's whipping boy, Manny.

Not a bad idea indeed, and we shall do that in a while, but first: Meet Eva, Don Copal's secretary.

First part of the dialogue:

Manny: Buenos Dias.

Eva: Why aren't you at the poisoning?

Manny: What poisoning?

Eva: Yeah, the code three gazpacho poisoning that everybody's at but you!
Why do I send out memos if no one reads them?

Manny: I forget... am I supposed to be somewhere right now?

Eva: Manny, do I have to explain your job to you again?

Manny: No, but I'd like to hear your description of it, just for kicks.

Eva: Well, the Manuel Calavera that I know picks up people in the Land of the Living...

Manny: Dead people.

Eva: Preferably.
And he brings them here and he tries valiantly to sell them the best travel package that they qualify for.
If he sells enough premium packages, our hero will be free to leave the Land of the Dead.
Until then, he and I are stuck here...
having the same conversation...
over and over again for eternity.

Apparently, not the first time he's had that conversation with her. Must amuse him to do it, heh.

Second part of the conversation:

Manny: Well, enough about me. What's your job like?

Eva: Like babysitting, except I don't get to watch TV.

Manny: What if we just skipped town tonight?
You and me, baby!

Eva: Thanks for the offer, but we'd never make it out of the city alive.
In one piece, I mean.

Manny: I bet I could get out, if I really tried.

Eva: Oh, Manny. Look at you.
You're a trapped rat, and you don't even know it.

Messing around with the delay times. I think I will use two seconds from now on.
Manny does not talk about the life he led previous to the game, or what he did to get stuck as a civil servant, and neither does Eva, as seen in the next gif.

Manny: Why do some clients qualify for better travel packages?

Eva: They led good lives.

Manny: Que traes! How do you define a "good" life?

Eva: Better than yours and mine.

Manny: So, what did you do in life to get stuck here?

Eva: What I did back in the fat days is none of your business. You know the rules.

The Fat days, heh. Well, as a skeleton, everybody (well, not really, as you'll see later) can be skinny.

Manny: Any messages for me?

Eva: Besides the one about the poisoning?
I only have one other message for you, Manny...
I'm not your secretary!
I don't take your messages!
So get it through your thick skull, and stop forwarding your phone to me!

Manny: Alright, but that sounded more like FOUR messages to me.
In my heart, though, you're still my secretary.

Eva: Manny, what are you talking about?
I was NEVER your secretary, even when you were on top.
I got one boss, same as you--Don Copal.

Manny: Come on. I know you work for another man besides Don.

Eva: Wh...What are you talking about?

Manny: I know you take memos for Hurley some times.

Eva: Ah, Manny. Just beat it, will ya?

Notice how she became nervous when Manny said that she was working for another man. He is more right than he realizes.

Manny: Busy as ever, I see.

Eva: I'd have more work to do if you had more clients.

Manny: Ouch!
Where is everybody?

Eva: Oh, Manny, did you forget what day it is today?

Manny: Oh man. Did I come in on Saturday again?

Eva: It's the Day of the Dead!
Everybody's back in the Land of the Living, visting their families, like we should be.

Manny: Why aren't you visiting your family today?

Eva: Ah, the boss is here so I gotta be here.
How about you, Cal?

Manny: No one back there I want to see.

Eva: ...and you don't want Domino here alone, getting all the good leads.

Manny: Domino's here?

Eva: He's at the poisoning right now, stealing your commission.

Manny: So... you going to the Christmas party?

Eva: After the spectacle you made of yourself last year?
I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Damn that Domino! And oooh, the game starts on the Day of the Dead. Actually, all the action in the game happens in four Days of the Dead, If I recall correctly.

Manny: Any good gossip?

Eva: Well, I heard Domino got a raise.

Manny: Por favor. Tell me some good news, why don't ya?

Eva: I still love you.

Manny: You're all I really need, Belleza.
Right. Hay te huacho.

Huacho: Spanglish corruption of "Watch", roughly translated, the last phrase he uses is "I'll see you later".