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Grim Fandango

by Luisfe

Part 21

Not really a lot, but in this update we'll see the use of the mighty Turkey Baster.
Also: Maybe should use JPGs next update. Would have smaller image filesizes, I think.

Damn useless waiters. Manny still wants his wine!

Bah, no witty response.

Manny won't pick him up either Let's go upstairs


Bah, no TV then.
Nothing to do there, let us go back to the part with the wine barrel.

Manny states the obvious.

Inside the pantry. There's a drain there.

How can he know that it is meat? It seems obvious that it is canned, but meat?

That would be quite sad.

I think that I prefer "whatever that is"
Video time! Trying to get to the Elevator. It is blocked Video

Out of there, can't do more stuff yet.

Or so you say.


Kitty hats!

Kitty hat!

He doesn't?

Bah, I wanted to bet on a cat


Pfft yoursaelf, mister.

Betting stubbs, eh? Charlie's machine could be useful here.


In my case it is definitely crowds.

Enough images. Video time!
First, let us see what's to the right and do stuff there.

Then, let us see how one gets rid of a sailor.

Back to the Café Calavera to do something that Manny said that he should not do:

And let us see what Glottis' problem really is:

This took longer than I expected.