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Grim Fandango

by Luisfe

Part 22

First: Video of the first conversation with Carla. It is amusing:
I really like Manny's responses in this one.

Let's read it!

Well, that is definitely not a productive use for that nifty detonation chamber thingie. Maybe we can find something better to do with it.

Well, duh.

Her reaction says it all, no.

Allrighty, I can do that.

I think I can detect aggresion there

Manny is hurt.

But... He already did! Let us go to the Kitty Litter. It's where Carla threw her metal detector.

Oh no indeed.
Video, including Manny's awesome maniacal laugh.

Allrighty, now that Many has the Metal Detector in his hands, let us visit Membrillo, who said that he needed better equipment.

First, planting the dog tags so that they show up when Manny gives the Metal detector to the Forensic Botanist.

But... He has no eyes!

That's about to change.
Video time!

Also Video: Another conversation with Virago.
What an asshole. But hey, what could that key be for? Where have we seen a locked door before?
Oh yes. The Lighthouse. And Manny said that there was someone in the lighthouse.
So maybe that is the key for the lighthouse. Manny can't open the cig case, though. That is bad.
Let's see if someone at the Cafe Calavera can help.



Lupe's useless.

So is this guy.

So is Bogen

So is Charlie.
Who could help us?
Oh wait. Carla. Self contained Explosive whatever.
They used it to crack open nuts.
That can help. Maybe.

It did.
But oh crap. That was not good.
Nick is a bastard.

Where have we heard that before?
Oh yes! The café! It is what Manny noticed when he met Celso again!
And Lupe said that she had a new system for... something that she created after she found cards. Those things must be related.

Rusty anchor, eh?
Toto Santos has a portfolio called Anchormania. So maybe that can help us.

A song, a poem, a bar and a statue by that name? Wha?

Excellent! We are getting somewhere!

He mumbles something impossible to understand in this phrase.

Hm? Whatcould be surprising in his tattoo design portfolio/thingie?

So the Misanthropic Toto likes Lola, eh?

Oh fuck, then he won't like what happened to her. At all.

A... Cat race image?

Next update: The cat race image. Getting the photo. Blackmailing Nick. Freeing Terry, ETC.