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Grim Fandango

by Luisfe

Part 23

It is time to get Lola's photograph, her last clue was a picture of some cats in a cat race.
And a blimp... Hm.



Who is Doug?

There are two of them!

Funny thing. In the game's auto dump, bot are identified as "Doug".

Well, it is time to blackmail Virago.

The jail is now empty.

What could've Glottis do to get in the jail?

But Nick knows how to get them out. Heh.

No more chatting with the coroner then.

Manny can join in the protesting. But it is annoying. Mess up the timing and it has to start again.

Just what Manny needs to get Glottis in the Limbo.

Lazy bum. You are an adventure game character! You have infinite storage and no emcumbrance levels!

With the bees on Strike, you are most likely correct.

Let's see what Velasco has to say about the recent developements.

Sprouted? What's happening to this town.

Oh, big city crime, Manny, we're gettin' more of it every day.
I know you probably hate getting it this way, but Naranja's job is yours now.

No, Velasco... I don't know if I'm comfortable taking that...

You'll take his job because there's no one else I can get on such short notice!
Now, what about these tools, where are they?

They're too big for me to carry.
Glottis will bring them when we board.

Eh, about that union card, Manny...

I have one, I just left it in my other coat.

Well, I look forward to seeing it.
Don't just sit around here collecting barnacles!


Let's go back to the High Rollers Lounge.

See that door there? Before this playthrough I NEVER noticed it. Always missed this conversation.


I am going to try to show him the photograph of Nick and Olivia kissing.

Bah, Manny's no fun.
Back to the Lounge's kitchen. Manny needs to go to the Basement.
This is how he does it.
Take that, you french waiter guy.

Now, this puzzle is annoying, and if you have not patched the game, INCREDIBLY difficult and/or impossible. Fortunately, I have patched my copy of the game, and it is easy. Still very annoying, though.

Inside the elevator.

Pressing it activates the elevator.

Then how did they put this in here?

There, stuck between floors.


Using that might or might not help this situation.

It did.

Niiiice carvings.

Spanish for "Oh my God!"
And so IT WAS the suitcase that was mentioned in the jail.

So that's the result of the corrupt dealings in the DoD.

Charlie gets his suitcase back. Manny gets the Union Card.

Let's see what Velasco has to say about this.
And the card, let me see it.
Ohhhh...One of Charlie's rush jobs...
Good thing your new captain's far-sighted!
Looks like you're all ready to go, Manny!
Except one. Where's that piano-player of yours?

He's having a little good-bye party.
I'll go get him.

Tell him to hurry up! The Limbo can't sail without him!
Don't just sit around here collecting barnacles!


And now, the last thing in year 2. Video!

Next update: Year 3.