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Grim Fandango

by Luisfe

Part 24

That's the Ship, the Lola.

Everything looks better chromed. Or not.

Bah! Am I destinied to not be able to take anything anymore?

Yay for ship intercommunication!

Being ignored is nasty

Is that an emergency?

He is serious!

He might be a bit too late by now...

Let's check the other stuffs that are on the deck.

That sounds like a nasty accident.

Might or might not be a good idea.

Oh crap

Double tragedy then? Died young and sprouted young.

Bah, no looting the corpses.

More sproutings! What happened!

It is.

Oh crap.

This isn't good for Manny.
Glottis saves the day, reaches out for Manny and closes the door.


Bags. In the engine room. Yeah. Whatever.

Glottis saves the day!

Yay for Glottis!

Oh. Crap.
I think that Glottis is pwned.

Oh. Damn.

Something tells me that that would be dangerous.

Maybe with the scythe...



Video! Annoying puzzle, and escaping.