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Grim Fandango

by Luisfe

Part 28

A bit short, but covering the whole second segment of year 4.

That means "can't check that area again, BWAHAHAAH"

Manny refuses to get the binders, afraid of awaking Toto's fury.

This was in the cabinet

Notice: Max cameo spotted.

The Blue Casket is still there. Let's go in.

Empty. Huh.

Big barrel. What does it contain?

No more dirty hookah water then, eh?

And wouldn't that make him fall over or something?
Fortunately, Manny has a nice bottle container thing.

Nice blue tone


... Ew.

Manny is lazy. Or not.

Olivia is there. Short video!

So she wants to join the merry party, eh?

What. Curfew?

Manny is as shocked as we are.

Back to the garage. Let's use the items that Manny acquired.


And that's it for now. More tomorrow/later today/whatever.