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by Luisfe

Part 29

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have not been able to play mch of the game for a while due to several reasons. Most important of all is family drama, then university stuffs (at least for the last week and yesterday), and least of all (but the most time consuming), new games, such as FFXII and the 3 Devil May Cry games and the new Shin Megami Tensei spinoff thingie.

Let's start this with a video.
The new LSA!

Glottis and the Bone Wagon

Doesn't he say that in year 2 or something?



More sewers.

Ladder in the sewers.

Drain thingies. Something down there.

Something responds. You'll see what does the noise later.

Who is Johnny Thunder?

No picking them up, bah.

Yes, I am.

Thunder Boy 1
Oh, that's too bad...

Thunder Boy 2
Because we just got the last two parts.

Thunder Boy 1
Maybe next season.

Thunder Boy 2
(snicker, snicker)

Thunder Boy 1

Well, that was useless. Checking the ladder might be a good idea.


As it should be, otherwise accidents oculd happen.

Some big machine thing there.

Ah hah, so that is what it is.

And sonce the grinder thing is polygonal and not prerendered, that means that Manny can take it! Not immedeatly useful though (unlike what I thought when I was playing, it is used later).

Yes, it is.
Now let us see if we can use a hand in the hand held grinder.

It IS possible!

Trying to get in gives this result:

No, he doesn't

Bah! Soon no you won't!


Manny pours some coffee to the thunderboys.


A little too big, also. Manny's no Guybrush.
When trying to use the bone chipper...

Taking it again upstairs.

Caffeinated vengeance! For not letting Manny be a Tunderboy.


Through the sewer door that says "Hector's Casino".

Conveniently close to the restroom.

Literally "Today! What a relief!", but obviously, that "hoy" is not used as "today", but as an expression of relief.

Why would a skeleton need a men's room?

And now: VIDEOS!


And the last part of this update: