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Part 3: , Part 2

First let us mark the card, as Manny said he wanted to do, there is a hole puncher there in Eva's desk.

Manny: It's a hole punch.
Mind if I use your hole punch?

Eva: Knock yourself out.

Manny, what are you doing?

Manny: Just marking cards, honey.

Let us see what Eva has to say about the stuff we have:
The Memo:

The deck of cards:

The marked card:

Aww, I wanted to see tricks

Let us see what else there is here:

Manny: That's the express elevator down to the garage.
That's the elevator to the lobby. Let us go down to the lobby

Manny: Let's see... where am I on this... Don Copal, Domino Hurley...
Junior sales associates? That better not be me!
Ah, the old head of the department.
Way before my time.
I heard he was a total slave-driver.
Good afternoon.

The right part of the lobby and the doors:

Manny: Now this guy...
I don't know who this guy is.
I think he just paid for the lobby renovation.
How's it hanging?
Not that I have a choice, but I wonder if I'd be happier working on a ship.
Then again, I'm so competitive, I wouldn't be able to relax until I was captain.
That's the door to the packing room.
It's locked.
That's the door to the communications room.
It's locked.

Nice foreshadowing there, as you will see later. Since we cannot go to those rooms, let us go outside.


Manny: That's the door to the streets of El Marrow.
I remember the year they built that...
Mostly because it cost so much we didn't get bonuses that year.
NO PARKING. Client car pick-up only.
The Petrified Forest, Rubacava...
Not really that far away, but to me they might as well be on the other side of the world.
I'm not walking on the freeway!
I shouldn't even be STANDING here...

What, it is not like he was going to die if a car hits him. And anyways, there are no cars around, being the day of the dead and everybody partying, as you will see in the next gif.

Manny: It's the festival of the Day of the Dead.
Really more of a living person's holiday, but we play along.

Let us see what is going on in the festival!:

Manny: The Bread of the Dead.
Since I really didn't get to celebrate the festival this year, I think I'm entitled to a little Pan de Muertos.
I'd get crumbs all over.
I don't have a net, or a desire to have a pet pigeon.
Those crates are completely blocking the sidewalk.
What if there were a fire?
Looks like some sort of crafty mime.

Damn, we cannot proceed, it is blocked by many tents. But ooh, bread of the dead!
That looks more like french bread than ANY sort of Bread of the dead I've seen. They are much smaller and roundish, and frosted with sugar. Strong orange taste too. Damnit, now I want a piece.
Nice foreshadowing about the pigeons too. Heh.

Meet the balloon twisting clown, rude and obnoxious. Or at least he seems rude and obnoxious to me. Gif, then dialogue.

Manny: Practicing what?
Clown: Wringing your neck! What does it look like?

Manny: Can I walk through your tent? I want to see the parade.
Clown: Well, walk through someone else's tent, all right? do I look like a turnstile to you?

Manny: Some festival, eh?
Clown: Yeah, yeah, pretty busy.
My carpal tunnel syndrome is really acting up.
Manny: But you don't have any... tendons.
Clown: Yeah, well, you don't have a tongue, but that doesn't seem to shut you up, now does it?

Manny: Could you teach me how to do that?
Clown: Well, um, since you're a begginer, why don't you practice the first step?
Manny: Which is?
Clown: Blow!

Manny: BANG!
Clown: *balloon pops) Aaah! Popped another one!
Lousy bony fingers! *Clown produces another blown balloon*

Manny: Twist me up one of them, eh, fella?
Clown: yeah yeah yeah, twist this, all right?

Manny: Bet ya can't do a cat.
Clown: Shows what you know, buddy.
I can do anything.
I can do birds, amphibians, famous poets--Go ahead. Name one.

Manny: Robert Frost.
Clown: Trying to stump me, eh?
*clown twists and produces a twisted balloon*

Manny: I have to go, that sound makes me want to kill somebody.
Clown: You too?

Here are the other balloon animals:
Dead Worm.



Next update: We shall check the Garage and meet Glottis.