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Part 4: , Part 1

This is the Garage. It has cars in it. And demons. Let us explore.

Manny: Can't go through on foot.
People have tried, but they never came back.
There are lights for "Wash", "Rinse", "Wax"...
...and "Land of the Living" depending on your destination.
The driver-demons operate this somehow, and the company won't tell us salesmen how it works.
Gotta keep us down somehow.

Hm, so the Salesmen and Reapers CANNOT go to the land of the living by themselves. Interesting.

The cars!

Manny: Here's what I need--wheels!
Oooh, I MIGHT get hurt if I try to get one down by myself...

What, it's not like it is going to kill you... Again.

Heey, a tool cabinet.

Manny: It's a tool cabinet.
It's locked.

Other: Hey! Who the--
Who's messing with my stuff?
Oh, heh, sorry, sir! I didn't expect...
Sales agents usually don't come over to this part of the garage...


It is Glottis. Meet Glottis.

Manny: Hey, you a driver?

Glottis: Me?
No no no.
I don't drive em', just wrench em'.

Manny: I'm Calavera. Manny Calavera.

Glottis: My name is Glottis.
I don't get many visitors--Hey! I got a message for a Mr. Calavera...
Your driver said...
... that Mr. Hurley said...
that he could have the rest of the day off.

Manny: Domino sent my driver home?

Glottis: Yeah, wasn't that nice?

Manny: Nice hut.

Glottis: Yeah, I wonder how nice it would seem to you if you were TRAPPED in it all day like me.

Manny: If you hate your job, why don't you quit?

Glottis: It's not just a job, it's what I was created to do.
If I get any farther away from cars than this, I'll get sick and die.
it's like I'm not happy unless I'm breathing in the thick, black, nauseating fumes...
*glottis sniffs*

Manny: *puffs a cigarette* Hmm. Can't imagine.

Manny: Glottis... Glottis... Is that a German name?

Glottis: Oh, no. My roots lie not in any Earthly nation's soil.
I am an elemental spirit summoned up from the Land of the Dead itself and given one purpose, one

skill, one desire:
Or, to change oil and adjust timing belts, if no driving jobs are open.

Manny: Looks like I need a new driver.

Glottis: OH!
Uh... I!
Uh... I, would agree with that.
Yes you do.

Manny: You want to be my replacement driver?

Glottis: ME?
Oh, oh no. Sorry.
Manny: Come on Glottis, I need you to be my driver.

Glottis: No, I can't. I'm... I'm...
I'm too big.

Manny: You're not too big! you're just right!

Glottis:No, they told me again and again.
I'm too big to drive.

Manny: You're not too big. You just have a self-image problem.

Glottis: A what?

Manny: Repeat after me:
I am not fat.
I am thin.
Women find me attractive...

Glottis: Hey, I never said I was too fat for the ladies, just the cars.
The ladies like me just fine (heh heh heh).

Manny: You're not too big. The cars are just too small.

Glottis: Yeah! Those dang compact cars--
Hey! That gives me an idea!
I could alter your car just a bit--with just a quick torch job to let out the seams, you know?
Ah, but I'm not allowed to modify the cars without a work order from upstairs.
I could lose my job.

Manny: A work order, huh?

Glottis: Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I can't torch anything bigger than a cigarette without one of these signed by the boss himself.

Manny: Hey, that's my line. Getting people to sign.
Back in a snap.

Glottis: Yeah, too small. I am not too big!
Everything around here is just too small!

Yes, yes you do. Let us find out how.

Let us go back to the lobby.

Apparently, Eva dislikes the squeaky noises.

Nice excuse, Manny you lying bastard
Let us see if Eva can help us with the work order.

Manny: Eva, I really need the boss to sign this work order.

Eva: I'll give it a shot.
Mr. Copal, I've got Manny Calavera out here to see you...

Don: Didn't I say no interruptions today?

Eva: Eh.
Sorry, Cal.

Damn, no good. Let us go ouside then, maybe we can find... Something.

Manny: I don't like the way that eye is looking at me.
That's the door to the garage.
It's huge. I can't open it.

Hm. THere's a weird... Rope... THing there. Let us check it.

Manny: It looks like a rope...
...but it's really just a bunch of cheap ties tied together.

Cheap ties? Hm. Why would cheap ties be hanging from the buiilding? Let's climb them.

Manny: It's the loose end of the rope made of ties.
It's pretty long, though...
Those are some ugly ties.
I can't believe I climbed up that thing.
Looks like the Boss has gone fishing.

Ah hah! The boss is not there. SO that's why he didn't want to be disturbed..

Wait, how could he say he didn't want to be disturbed if he wasn't there?
Let us check the other office first.

I think that means we can check it! I think.

Manny: Domino locks his window.
Fear of pigeons, probably.

Oh well, let's give the boss' office a visit.

Manny: This place is a mess!
It looks like Don's rigged his computer to automatically answer his intercom...

That will probably be useful.

Next update: We get the damn work order signed, and we visit the LAND OF THE LIVING!