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Part 5: , Part 2

Let us give Eva the work order.

Manny: Ehhh, the living still give me the creeps.
Bound only by the paper-thin wrapper of mortality, a soul here lies, struggling to be free.
And so it shall, thanks to a bowl of bad gazpacho, and a man named Calavera.

So this is the word of the Living. And that is the client! I think we should check what we can do with those creepy collage people first.

Manny: Look at these poor saps...
It's the fear of Death that makes monsters of us all.
Smiles as bright and wide as the blade on my scythe...
Scaring the living is technically against the rules, but we all do it.
If I scare them to death then they'll become a customer, but I'll get nailed with a conflict-of-interest rap.
Soon, I'll be coming for them.
Did I look like that when I was alive?
Pssst. It's me, Death. I'll see you soon, okay?
I know you can't hear me, but try to feel what I'm about to say deep down in your soul.
Don't... eat... the... gazpacho...
Ah, fun's fun, but I've got work to do.
I can't reap hamburger.
Cows are a whole other bureau, not to mention the lettuce.
Truth be told, I'd rather be setting this milkshake's soul free.
Mmmmm... smells like the perfect client...
Rich, and sweet!

Allrighty, fun is fun, but as Manny said, there's work to be done. Let us reap that poor soul there, trapped in the shroud... thingie.

Manny: I can't use my bare hands. I'm a professional.

Bruno: Nice bathrobe.

Manny: ...but we offer several travel upgrade package upgrades if you'd care to--

Bruno: Cut the yap. I want something cheap where I can get some rest, and that's it.

Manny: Ay ay ay.

Glottis: You know, Manny, I could make this car a little faster. If you wanted...

Manny: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Glottis: Oh yeah, slam the front into the weeds, tub the rear end, dual blowers poppin' outta the hood!
Wah-wah-wah-wah-WAAAAAH! Wah-wah-wah-wah-WAAAAAAAAHAAAAHHH!

Manny: You'll get plenty of rest this way, Mr. Martinez, and you'll be safely padded by the foam created when these two chemicals mix, like this.

Bruno: Uh, on second thought, I wanna upgrade my package!

Manny: Sorry, Bruno, but you didn't qualify for anything better.
But here, have this complimentary mug!

Bruno: No! Wait! Can't you find me something where I can move my legs?

Manny: You know I'd like to, Bruno...
...but my boss is a real hard-ass.

Don: I gotta be a hard-ass when I got lazy sickle-wavers like THIS jolly boy working for me! Manny, you couldn't find a sale at a yacht club!

Manny: I got a sale right here!

Don: I'm talkin' PREMIUM sales, Calavera! Like the kind Domino makes!

Manny: How am I supposed to make premium sales with the scumbag clients you're sending me?

Bruno: Hey!

Don: Now you're blamin' the clients? I've had it with you, Manny! If you haven't bagged a premium before the next sales report comes in, you're out!
Out on the street! No job! No way to work off your time! Just a fancy suit and your big smile and a whole lotta time to kill!

Bruno: Who you callin' a scumbag? Why, I oughta--
MrmrMRRmr! MrMrMRrr! MrMrMRrr? MrMrMRRmr!

Manny: I'm sick of waiting around for a good lead, like it's going to fly in here tied to a brick.
It's time to TAKE one.

Well, those were 3 big GIFs. Will make another update later, to make up for the lack of updates in yesterday and whatnot.

Also, just noticed that the game itself transcripts the conversations, that should make it easier.