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Half Life: Decay

by xarph

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Original Thread: Half-Life: Decay. Desperate Housewives at Black Mesa.


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Welcome to the wacky adventures of Doctors Gina Cross (tan suit, LPed by xarph) and Colette Green (red suit, LPed by Kenlon). A regular day at the Black Mesa Disaster Factory goes downhill in a hurry thanks to misplaced crowbars, firearm-related mishaps, and that idiot new guy Freeman loving everything up.

Oh, and did we mention a shitload of headcrabs and PS2 controls that are extremely accurate*?

*At simulating the aiming skills of a 37 year old woman wearing a glorified HAZMAT suit.

Yes, this is the infamous "what were they thinking" co-op expansion to Half-Life, released only on the PS2 port of the game by Gearbox Software. Someone, at some point, decided that the best way to follow up playing a marine in Opposing Force was to make a shorter expansion where you play as a security guard. For the PS2 port, the bar was lowered even more: nothing says adrenaline pumping action like two women in their mid-30s holding doors open for each other. And then dying because someone hooked the doorknob up to a vortigaunt factory.

Still, it's a canonical Half-Life game, and that alone endears it to nerds such as us. So after a few runthroughs where we almost got the hang of the controls and expunged some of the more horrifying MILF jokes  mission one is called 'Dual Access' ferchrissake , we are pleased to present our VLP of Decay.


Streaming versions available at

Mission One: Boobs in Hazard Suits
Mission Two: This Game Needs a Hard Mode
Mission Three: This Game Needs an Easy Mode
Mission Four: We're Both Fired
Mission Five:
Mission Six: A Very Special Failure
Mission Seven: Stuck in a Sewer With You
Mission Eight, Part 1: Welcome to Puzzleville, Population 2
Mission Eight, Part 2: Once Again, From the Top
Missions Eight and Nine: Well, That Was Unexpected
Vortigaunt Bonus Mission: Eating Wood

Commentary-free Plot Videos

Mission One
Mission Two
Mission Three
Mission Four

Bonus Movies

Assorted deleted scenes, outtakes, and making of footage.

Trainwreck video of mission 1
Mission 3 completed in single-player mode by xarph

Deathmatch Session

Train Shenanigans Vimeo (Recorded by Change)
Crossfire: Action (Recorded by Change)
Crossfire: Explosions (Recorded by Change)
Crowbars and Ghostbusters on Snarkpit (Recorded by dukka)


Q: Stop talking during the plot scenes!
A: Unable to comply due to the fact that we won't shut up, ever. This is why we don't go to movie theaters.
We are recording these sessions with the PS2 audio and commentary audio on separate channels. During the editing process I am tagging the best mission runs for showcasing the plot in Decay and setting them aside. Every so often I will post the plot-oriented videos that result from this.

Q: Which is xarph and which is Kenlon?
A: Top screen: xarph. Bottom screen: Kenlon. As for voices, Kenlon makes really, really bad jokes all the time and xarph stutters a lot. I hope this helps.

Q: What's this about a PC port?
A: A fan made port of the Decay missions to HL1 is in progress here. It has not been released but they are at least still posting updates. Should this LP still be in progress when it is released... we will keep doing the LP.

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