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Half-Life: Opposing Force

by Musical_Daredevil

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Original Thread: Let's Play Half-Life: Opposing Force in accordance with US regulations



In 1999, Valve released the well-known first-person shooter Half-Life. Shortly afterward, Gearbox Entertainment, in partnership with Valve, released Opposing Force as an expansion pack. Much of the graphics and gameplay in Opposing Force remained unchanged from the original game. However, the player does not play as Gordon Freeman, like the other games in the Half-Life series, and instead follows the story of a US Marine dispatched to reinforce the ground forces at Black Mesa, who served as enemies in the original game. Opposing Force also focused slightly more on the first-person shooter aspects than the original game with a few more combat-related scenarios and game mechanics.

But, this LP is not about Marines or epic gun battles. This is about something different. This LP follows the adventures of one brave soul as he copes with the consequences of Black Mesa's complete disregard for their own equipment and facility. One brave soul who just wants to do a simple inspection and get on with his life. One brave soul whose only job is to speak up for the health and safety of the poor Black Mesa employees trapped inside.

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