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by Kaubocks

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Original Thread: A Glitch in the Matrix: Let's Play Half-Minute Hero!


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What is this game?
Honestly if you haven't heard of this game I'm not entirely surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised. Half-Minute Hero is an RPG released for the PSP in late 2009, then had a (in my opinion) somewhat butchered re-release on XBox Live Arcade under the name Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax in mid 2011. The graphics are quirky and fun, the writing is top-notch in a very tongue-in-cheek way, and the music is absolutely phenomenal. The whole premise of the game is that it breaks down an RPG to its absolute most basic elements and cuts out all the meandering about you would normally have to do; giving you a full RPG experience in less than a minute -- which is great. I love RPGs but I have to admit that lately I just don't really have the patience to play through them anymore and this was a fantastic alternative. Although the game was well recieved among the people that played it, not enough people actually did. It did get a sequel in Japan but as far as I can tell there are no intentions of bringing it to a Western audience because it didn't sell well enough which is a damn shame. In my opinion it was the best game of 2009 and still one of my favorite games to date.

What's the gist of the story?
We're a fast young individual named Hero. We've teamed up with the Time Goddess in order to stop all the Evil Lords from casting the spell of destruction that ends the world in 30 seconds. Why is the Time Goddess reversing and stopping time for us? Well, we have something she wants -- COLD HARD CASH.

How will you play this?
Well, there are six main gameplay modes with three available right off the bat; Hero 30, Evil Lord 30, Princess 30... and the rest we'll see as we unlock them. For simplicity's sake and for the fact that they tell a story chronologically, I'm going to play them in order. After I work my way through each mode, I'll hop onto Super Mega Neo Climax and show you the differences between the two games and why it's inferior. After all is said and done, there's still the art gallery and encyclopedias that are full of incredible drawings and hilarious descriptions.
I'll be playing on Normal and I only might be getting 100%. Both re--

Why not Hard mode?!
...well, Hard mode actually changes very little. The only thing different betwen Normal and Hard is that the clock keeps ticking while you're in a town on Hard.

What constitutes 100% and why might you not do it?!
Alright. The game tracks percentage in two ways:
- stage completion
- encyclopedia entries
I WILL beat every stage and show them to you. I MIGHT NOT get every encyclopedia entry as I don't know the location of every weapon, item, and enemy in the game. I always average around 90-95% completion of the encyclopedia in all of my playthroughs so while I'm might not get absolutely everything, I will be getting a lot. SCRATCH THAT I just got 100% Goddess Room completion on my main file so there's no reason I won't be able to show everything off. There's also this game's version of achievements/trophies in the way of titles you earn at the end of each Hero stage. There's two per stage and the game tells you very little about how to get them (and by "very little" I mean "nothing") and in the end they are ultimately pointless. Because of this, I won't be hunting them down.

What can we expect for commentary? Updates?
The commentary for this is mostly going to be solo and it'll typically be relaxed and informative. I'll more often than not take a backseat to the writing in this game because I honestly believe the writing is more interesting and funnier than I could ever manage to be. I'll talk when I have something to say but I'm not going to talk for the sake of saying something. As far as updates are concerned, because the episode will usually be about 10-15 minutes long, I'll try at the very least to get one out once a week. This is my first LP and making a video is still a lengthy process to me, plus I have work and other social events to tend to... it all adds up pretty quickly.

Anything we can do to contribute?
I have zero intentions of ignoring what people say they want to see. If there's absolutely anything at all you'd like me to do, I can always make a video about it for you. For example, if enough people can come up with interesting challenges they'd like me to try, I can always start making challenge videos. The game, in my opinion, does a very good job of speaking for itself so the main videos will mostly consist of just regular updates but please don't let that stop anyone from telling me what they'd like me to do.

Can I talk about Sas--
Stop right there please. I would appreciate it very much if you didn't post spoilers about anything -- not even tagged -- that we either haven't covered so far or the game doesn't give you any info about ahead of time (Talking about how there is an Evil Lord/Princess/Knight 30 mode is fine because those are shown in the title sequence. Talking about the STORY of those modes is not okay until we have seen them in action.). I know the story is very simple in this game and is at some points predictable but it's also one of the most interesting and charming reasons to play the game in the first place!


Episode 01YouTube
Episode 02 YouTube
Episode 03 YouTube
Episode 04 YouTube
Episode 05 YouTube
Episode 06 YouTube
Episode 07 YouTube
Episode 08 YouTube
Episode 09 YouTube
Episode 10 YouTube
Episode 11 YouTube
Episode 12 YouTube
Episode 13 YouTube
Bonus 01YouTube  
Episode 14YouTube
Episode 15YouTube
Episode 16YouTube
Episode 17YouTube
Episode 18YouTube
Bonus 02YouTube  


Episode 19YouTube
Episode 20YouTube
Episode 21YouTube
Episode 22YouTube

Episode 23YouTube  
Episode 24YouTube  
Episode 25YouTube No Commentary

Episode 26YouTube
Episode 27YouTube
Episode 28YouTube
Episode 29YouTube
Episode 30YouTube

Episode 31YouTube

Episode 32YouTube
Episode 33YouTube
Episode 34 1/3YouTube
Episode 34 2/3YouTube
Episode 34 3/3YouTube

Final EpisodeYouTube

Encyclopedia: Potential Spoilers Abound

Item - Monster - Evil Lord - Art


Music We've Heard So Far (In the Order We Heard It)
Note: All links go to Polsy. Assume the actual YouTube page for the tracks contain spoilers either in comments or related videos. View them at your own risk.

New in Episode 01:
Light of Hope
Ceremony of Peace
The Hero Arrives!
Calm Afternoon
Creeping Shadow
Spell of Destruction
Desperate Strike
Justice is Victorious
The End of Agony
The Hero's Departure

New in Episode 02:
Meeting at the Street Corner
Scatter the Enemy!
Optimistic Way

New in Episode 04:
Zero Wing - Intro Music (Not actually in the game. Edited it in for effect.)

New in Episode 06:
The Manipulator's True Identity
Public Game
Heartful Smile
Melody of Happiness

New in Episode 09:
Slash! Spirit

New in Episode 13:
To the High Heavens
Returning Good for Evil

New in Episode 14:
Believe in Victory

New in Episode 17:
a bunch of Valhalla Knights 2 tracks I can't find links to

New in Episode 18:
A Brief Rest
Triumphant Return
Half-Minute Hero Main Theme
Last Battle

New in Multiplayer:
It's So Cool!!
Hero Great War

New in Episode 19:
The Demon Lord's March
Peaceful World
The Hero's Aspirations

New in Episode 21:
The Demon Lord

New in Episode 23:
Progression to Glory
Go Forth!
The Princess Running Through the Grasslands
Case Closed
Lost Forest
Animal Trail
Passion -Scorching Wind-

New in Episode 24:
Beyond the Ocean

New in Episode 25:
Inescapable Maze
Run!! Run!!
Lady's Last Road

New in Episode 26:
Have Faith in a Triumphant Return
Passion-Ancient Heartbeat
Door to the Future
Ein Soldat

New in Episode 27:

New in Episode 30:
I Won't Give Up!

New in Episode 31:
The Last 300 Seconds
Grand Finale

New in Final Episode:
The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Cluck (Not actually in the game. Edited it in for effect.)

Fan Art

Half-Minute Hero in a nutshell.

- Shaezerus

Time Goddess in .gif form.

- Heatwizard

Niton posted:

So.. you won in a 30-second window while having to reset the window because it's impossible to win in a single 30-second window. Time travel.

- Shaezerus

Agent Interrobang posted:

SHAEZERUS! I call upon your devilish powers! Craft this thread some art of Rambo Princess.

- Shaezerus

Shaezerus posted:

Running is for ugly people, who sweat.


Daigerus posted:

Here's my contribution to this awesome LP as thanks! Slowpoke needs more love anyway.

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