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by Yapping Eevee

Part 6: A tale of two brothers

Update 05: A tale of two brothers

So last time, we managed to help a pair of brothers and discovered how to enter Sunny Peak's caves, only to promptly lose Bijou and wind up with Arnie's little brother instead. Also, he won't stop crying.


On a brighter note, monkey! We'll see if we can't find him something to eat, seeing as he seems to be blocking a path.

That, and we can't move him by force.

Moving eastward, we're confronted by a special piece of music... My favourite after Spat's theme.

I'm including a video for part of this, since this guy has plenty of great animations.

He's just so excited to be able to sell us something.

If you want to understand his feelings, this is it!
What else... Ah!

To soothe little ones, this is the way to go!
What else is there...

Quite a selection... And all of his items sound so useful, too!

...Or perhaps not.

Hmm, I don't know if I want to buy from someone who would sell me possibly rotten food.

Wow... He looks just so disgusted with our unwillingness to just blindly buy his stuff.

See, now that's bett-

I'm not sure that going from fidgeting and pleading to shouting at your potential customer is a good idea either.

What happens if Hamtaro refuses again...?

...Okay. We may need to buy something, just for this guy's mental health.

Right then; we actually do get that one sunflower seed discount for refusing the Sales-Ham at least once, so which thing to buy?

The tear source is cheap, so let's try that first.

That didn't quite work as intended. Hey, Sales-Ham!

...Gee, thanks a lot.

Let's try another tactic.

If you want a silly picture, imagine a hamster shaking a rattle -- forever.

Oh, whoops. Forgot that kids hate it when you think they're 'little'.

Yeah, this thing's a bust. It's entirely useless as far as I know, but at least it doesn't just vanish like the Tear Source.

Guess that means you've gotta go the extra mile to please kids, eh?

You're not helping, Sales-Ham. Gimme those possibly stomach-turning bananas.

...Children. You just can't please them sometimes.

And before you ask, we sadly can't go on a minecart ride to cheer the little guy up.

Oh well... Let's go feed those bad-looking bananas to a monkey. You know, for laughs.

Here you go, buddy!

Translation: Leave the screen and come back.

And now that he's gone, there's some new stuff to interact with!

Aside from another rock (and a strangely flat one at that), we find a note from the monkey we may or may not have just poisoned. Adventure games!

How nice.

There's also a banana skin here, but let's leave it alone for a moment and find out what happens if we try to backtrack a bit.

...Great, now Hamtaro looks like a kidnapper.

Guess there's only one thing to do!

Yep. That sure is kids in a nutshell.

Sure thing, tyke. Just give me a minute to see what was behind that monkey...

Oh yes. There's a lovely six rocks in here every time you go back to the map and revisit, so remember this place once rocks actually become important.

(Use Tack-Q to get the two on top of the boulder to fall down.)

There's also this door with a massive keyhole, but there doesn't appear to be much we can do about that right now.

Instead, we're just going to have to take this youngster back home.

Luckily, all we have to do is bring him back to familiar ground.

Sweet! That's LDLUU, for short.

Since this place is apparently built like a mini Lost Woods, all the screens are identical... As well as the tunnels infested with vampires or something, from the look of those glowing eyes.

Following the little guy's directions will see us through, though.

Oh, hey! C'mon in! I want you to meet Arnie.

We've already meet his big brother, but let's go inside anyway.

...Nice place. And look, cushions around a small table! I neglected to mention it in the OP, but we are supposed to be somewhere in Japan.

Oh, here we go again. What joy.

Let's take a break.

Fortunately, walking over to the little tyke triggers Arnie's arrival!

And Bijou's here too! Though from the way Arnie's blushing, I suspect he may be just about to flirt with her...

Wait for it...

There we go. Sucked the wind right out of those sails!


Hamigos for life.

...little Ham-Ham here! I'll never let you down!

(Likely story.)

Oh well, at least we saved the day once again! And not only does this show that we have other types of love to save (not just the romantic), but that we won't always see the broken hearts to let us know who to focus on. So pay attention!

Yep, that's just about how most siblings work.

Anyway, we're going to cut things off here for today... I had considered making this and the next bit into one huge update, but two slightly small ones will probably work better.

Bonus video:

Five seconds barely seems worth it.