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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 9: Should have saved that last title.

Update 08: Should have saved that last title.

Welcome back, everyone! Having thoroughly explored most of the beach, we must surely be on the verge of finding where Barrette went. We even have one curious character to question...

...right after we take a look at the islands out there in the distance.

Anyway, time for talking to this totally rad surfer dude over here.

Ah-ha! Now, tell me... What's all this about a love note? And how do you get a name like Broski anyway?

...Or we could shoot the breeze first, okay.

Those jars end up all over the beach. It's so totally cool that you're cleanin' up! You dudes are, like, ocean lovers, too! That's waaaay cool! ♥

Uh, sure... But we really need to talk to you about something else.

Insert the dramatic snare of your choice here, readers.

Hang on, folks. Just give 'em a minute.

...all a misunderstanding? This is SO confusing...


If you see a young girl with a barrette, let us know, please!

Okay then... Until our heroes stop being quite so oblivious, we need to find something else to do.

Unfortunately, the only screen we have left is rather empty. So what's a pair of hamsters to do?

Why, backtrack to the entrance and find that two new NPCs have suddenly appeared! See, this is a real adventure game (if a good deal more sensical most of the time).

No time to waste! I've gotta tell him! Don't you think?

Umm... yeah...

Saying something in front of the other hamsters is totally embarrassing!
Hey, that's it! If another soccer guy comes by, let's ask HIM to talk to the cute one! That's perfect!

Umm... yeah...

Soooo, seems we've found a couple of teenage girl hamsters (or so I'm assuming). One of them seems painfully shy, but hopefully they can help us out.

...Yeah, we're not getting a thing out of this one. But at least her friend seemed talkative enough for two.

Apparently hamsters don't just grow bigger, but they stretch too!

Anyway, discovering that Ham-Chat was just for continuing with one of our side-quests (as well as collection purposes). Let's try dealing with the task at hand now.

Try the other end of the beach. There's a guy with a surfboard, too. Why not ask him?

Umm... yeah...

There we go; the trigger that will hopefully move the plot along. So let's promptly go goof off a little more! (Sorry, Quillpaw!)

A pelt to tinglie the senses!♥ I think my pineapple diet is working... As promised, you can have it. Here!

Let me tell you... Try as you may, your pelts will never match mine. Ahaa...♥

She's a little bit full of herself, but at least our famous friend gave us this tiny pineapple to use as the soccer club's ball!

...You need help, Coach. But in the meantime, have a ball!

Huh!? That pineapple... Hey! You two! Is that a ball I see? Is that ball for us?!?

The manliest of tears. Sorry, hamliest.

Well, as promised, I'll let you join our great soccer club!

Sure thing, Coach. Since you asked so nicely...

Are you ready?!? Let's start with headers! I'll toss the ball and you head it!

I like the Coach, even if he is a little bizzaroo.

Anyway, hope everyone's ready for our very first minigame!

The goal is to do 6 headers in a row! You can do it!

This one really couldn't be simpler; just press A when the pineapple is falling toward Hamtaro or Bijou. The other players will take care of themselves.

What do you say?!?

OK... Good job, team! Let's take a breather!

And with that, we successfully become part of FC Pineapple. We can actually practice again if we like, performing 12 headers and getting 20 sunflower seeds for our efforts. If you want to farm for clothing, I guess you could do worse.

Of course, we had another reason in mind for joining the team.

So, we need a favor, and you can't say no. What do you say? Huh? Huh? OK? OK?

Alright, calm down... Yes, we'll help you with your matters of luuuuuv.

OK... so take this letter and ta-dah it to that soccer hunk. What?

OK, so here...

Love note posted:

It says:
"Hi, I know this is out of the blue, but I need to tell you how I feel. I'll wait under the palm tree.♪

From a fan of your super-cute blue tail!♥

So, it's your job to get him to meet us under the palm tree. Do it for me, pleeease? Thanks!♥

And with that, we score another new Ham-Chat and move one step closer to completing this little lover's task.

Only problem is, we can't tell which of the three players has a blue tail, and if we make them hold still with Tinglie... The game will make sure that we hand the love note over to the wrong one! I'll show that off once we have the proper means to deal with this, but for now...

Back to the actual plot!

...Do I even need to say that I like Broski's dialogue here?

That explains everything! Broski says that he has never meet Barrette, and yet... She got a love note from someone...

And there we go, our heroes finally catch up to something the player probably realised back at the Clubhouse (and almost definitely got as soon as they reached Sandy Bay itself).

This is terrible!

...Broski might be a tiny bit slow on the uptake.

Heading 'that way' brings us into another Spatastic cutscene.

Um... OK...

Why are you trusting someone wearing a devil costume?

Yep, that's pretty much what everyone saw coming.

'Mean' might be a little bit of an understatement in this case, Barrette.

...Spat has his own customised dinghy.

Oh, right. He did strand someone out at sea, which isn't quite so cute.

Hamtaro! Bijou!

Don't worry, hun. We'll work something out...

Hamtaro! We have to find a hamster who knows how to swim!

...someone to help you! Don't give up!

Oh boy... Now it's up to Hamtaro and Bijou to find someone who can swim. Our only option when near someone at this point is Gasp-P, which will hopefully get one of the hamsters here to help us...

Broski, lend us your sweet surfing skills!

Ohmygosh! Barrette's been washed out to sea!! Are you listening?! OUT TO SEA!!
But... but, we don't know how to swim... Please use your surfing skills to rescue her!

Broski to the rescue! friends.

What? But why?!?

...Broski is a fraud, guys.

What are we gonna do?
Hamtaro!!! We've got to find someone to help Barrette!

S'okay, Broski... I'm sure we'll find someone who can save Barrette.


Hm? Your friend's stuck out at sea? Oh... that's gasp-p... But you see, I never learned to swim. I can't be of any help at all. I'm so sorry...

Oooh... I'd like to help, yes sir, really, but... I swim like a can of bolts with no lid.

Uh... Um... How about the famous lady?

...Seems she doesn't quite get the message.

Running out of options here...

Let's get these lot to stand still, and see if Coach's enthusiasm can save the day!

Now is not the time, Coach! Can you help us or not?


Well, we have only one chance left without leaving the beach.

...Yeah, don't hold your breath on this one.

If you need a swimmer, talk to my boss, here. He's seen humans swim, so he must be such a great swimmer!

My apologies! We're not going to be able to help you out. Can you ask someone else?

You two are the worst lifeguards ever.

We've run out of folks to ask on the sands... But luckily for Barrette, we know one hamster who can definitely swim!

Godspeed, Seamore. I wonder if we can get him a little back-up...

Ah, I guess Boss is right. Only one hamster around here knows the secret of swimming.

Not even Snoozer in his mighty wisdom can help us now.

And Harmony... We can't even ask Harmony to help.

Back to the beach, on the double!

Luckily, Hamtaro and Bijou arrive just in time to see Seamore in action.

You're so amazing. I can always count on you.♥ I think you're great!♥♥

Yeah, about that...

He's trying to trick all of us into fighting so he can ruin our love!!

What?!? So that love note was a fake...?

Yeah... It seems that everybody was.

I love this game.

And with that, we rescue another couple's love... and we got a Love Boost for filling the meter up to one of the markings on its side! Awesome!

You know, I was in a panic when you came and told me about being gasp-P. A total panic...


Any time, buddy. It's what protagonists do!

Someone might want their picture taken!


Hamtaro, you should see the Photo Studio. I guarantee our pictures are top notch!

And with that, we're left to enjoy the warm sands and cool breeze... But Spat is still out there somewhere, plotting another nefarious scheme!

Claiming the board and jar that Seamore brought ashore as our reward, we find something to occupy ourselves with while on the hunt for Spat... Next time!

Bonus video:

Hamsters have a natural talent for mimicking The Scream.

For one last bit of bonus material, here's a quick look at our Love Meter in the two different stages we've seen so far. As Quillpaw said, Hamtaro and Bijou have an unique animation for each.