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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 19: Go, Ham Rangers!

Update 18: Go, Ham Rangers!

Welcome back, everyone! It's time to do a little clean-up, so we'll be restoring and creating love all throughout Boo Manor and Fun Land today.

First order of business: We should probably let Dexter out of this casket before he suffocates.

A quick rendition of Moonlight should do the trick...

Huzzah! The obvious solution worked!

Nah, I just don't have the heart to do that. One of those types who only ever does Good playthroughs, ya know? (But if there's no penalty involved... )

Oh, here we go again...

I was looking for a rope to help someone who fell through a hole in the floor! Now, who recently fell into a hole...?

Oh, really? ... Hmm...

That's right...

Uh, guys...

What...? Why...? Go ahead! Thank you!

...You two are so silly. It's good to see them getting along for once, though.

Mind you, the game's probably right. It seems to know the score.

On another upbeat note, with all the cage-escaping antics and piano lesson-hunting, I'd say this drop of love is well deserved.

We even get innate Tanooki Suit powers for our trouble, which is pret-ty awesome.

Just don't go fixin' to get yourself locked in any more boxes!

Howdy, just don't go falling in any more holes!

Absolutely hopeless... But they're good buddies, really.

Let's all go work on our teamwork!

You won't beat us!

We kinda already did... But they don't have to know that.

Exactly, Bijou. With those two gone, there's only one more thing we can do here in Boo Manor.

Naturally, the answer is to Perksie in front of the painting on the third floor, so we can figure out what's up with those sobbing sounds.

...sigh... I give up.

My sweet little boy went out to play and hasn't come home... *Sniff... sniff...

That would explain why the right side of that painting looks so empty...

He always talked about seeing a Ham Rangers show. I guess I should have taken him to see it... *Sniff.. sniff...

Ah... That's really no reason to run off and make your mom worry, though. I'm pretty sure the Ham Rangers would have another Power Promise not to do such things.

It's now officially on the list, Bijou.

...Gee, I wonder.

Now, before we head off to Fun Land once more, there's been a special development on the map screen. We've now helped everyone and gotten all the Ham-Chats in Boo Manor, so the sunflower spins! It's great for keeping track of your progress.

But what about the ghost and her son, you ask? Well, we'll get to that.

For now, we have to help the father who lost his wallet. His memory's a little lackluster, so what do we do?

We help him Dingding what he's forgotten!

After that, he goes running off to the north... and yes, we do have to keep following him.

The forgetful father ends up riding the Super Coaster instead of looking for his wallet, which isn’t terribly helpful.

You think I can just get back on and ride again?

Here we go! This is the last one!

Hmm… Better keep an eye on him, make sure that this really is his last ride.


Oh, and it seems we’ve found our little wayward ghost. Pity we promptly lost him again!

You could say that… We’re certainly not going for another one!

Okay, now to prod this guy along, back toward his wallet search.

…Hmm? Wasn’t I here to do something important? What was it, again…? O well!


Yes, he does go back and have another go if you just try and talk to him. You also have to go and ride it with him again.

Okay, let’s give that another go... trying a reminder this time.

I’m supposed to be looking for my wallet! Easy enough, but it wasn’t here, either.

Ah, that’s better. Let’s follow him!

This is the only place left to look… Please be here…

All the way over in the eastern rest area, huh? Wonder what they were doing here.

Hmm… She seemed pretty angry already, from what we saw.

Let’s try and jog our buddy’s memory, one last time.

Ah, of course… There was a butterfly sitting on that big flower there when we came around the first time!

If we cause a stir by saying Hamha to this one…

Yep!! This is where I caught that butterfly for my child! Whew… That’s it…

Hmm… You can hardly blame the guy for losing his wallet if he was wading around in those bushes.


Ha ha ha…

It was no trouble, really. Now, let’s head back and see how he gets on…

Boy, am I glad I found my wallet!

…Hamster magic is pretty strong, huh?

Sweet, we’ve got Enlarge Hamster! Time to rest for eight hours.

You only did what you were supposed to do!

She’s such a happy sort, is she?

That was pretty impressive, even for you.♥

…Somehow, that doesn’t quite seem to work. Shouldn’t it be ‘especially for you’?

Oh well, he seems to think it’s a compliment.

Seems the game’s feeling really quite snarky today…

I was hoping to celebrate a job well done with a Ham Rangers performance, but it turns out that there’s still something we need to do before they’ll be ready. So, let’s get to it!

If you remember our first visit to Fun Land, there was a girl who wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel, waiting for her nervous date to leave the restroom.

We needed Nok-nok to get him to come out… and to finally find the hidden door for this area! No wonder the second stall was closed.

Still, let’s see if we can’t calm his nerves somewhat.

No worries, mate. We’re here for something else.

Actually, there’s this girl I like, and I really want to tell her how I feel.

Must have really wanted to get that off your chest, to just spill the whole story to strangers in the restroom…

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Around girls, I… I get so speechless…

I’d really like to ask for your help!

Sure thing, buddy. We should be able to come up with something to help you out.

He heads outside after this, so…


Heidi and I will get on the Ferris wheel first, and then you get in the next car and give me instructions!

Well, it’s nice that he’s got a plan… even if it is one with quite the terrible track record.

At least he’s keen.

Righty-o… Where are the walkie-talkies?

…What do you mean, we don’t have any? Then how are we going to-

Can…can I tell you…?


… … … … … … Thanks for coming with me today. So…if you want…would you…Um…

…Oh! Since Hamtaro and Bijou couldn’t possibly shout across cars without Heidi thinking that something was up… I guess it’s up to the player to help our yellow buddy out!

As you may expect, this puzzle is all about finding the right way through the entire conversation, with any mistakes booting us back out to try again.

It’s not pretty, either. So, let’s try our best to help Hank out! (Finally, we know his name…)

Okay, since I’m sure everyone is eager to know… Let’s try all the incorrect choices first, Nidoking style!


Um… … … Aa…smoochie, please!

!?!? What are you saying? You’re acting kind of strange, you know?

S…strange? I’m being strange? I see… … … Oohhh… … … … Um… well… … … …

Ah… Yeah, going “love me!” out of nowhere would get you some strange looks.


I’d like to… ha… hamlift!

Oh…s…sorry! I didn’t… mean… So rude. … … … But… … … Mmm…oh… … … …

Oh dear…



Oh…s…sorry! I didn’t… mean… So rude. … … … But… … … Mmm…oh… … … …

Anyway, the correct option now:

I would love to sit and gossip-P with you, Hank.♪


Ah, that's much more like it. C'mon, Hank! You can do this! (...after I stop forcing you into saying stupid things. )

...Well, the right answer here is pretty obvious! Well, actually... To goons, maybe not.

(I kid, I kid.)



??? Wa...wait... Hank!? Don't go to sleep!

Zzz... Ha! Wait, that's not what I wanted to say...

I should probably point out that Hank only has three or four 'screw-up' reactions... which would explain why some of his lines don't quite work. But with all the neat little touches in this game, I can forgive one moment of laziness.


Oh…s…sorry! I didn’t… mean… So rude. … … … But… … … Mmm…oh… … … …

Oh, ouch. Not just calling her big, but bigger than ever!


Pa... pakapaka!!

I've never experienced it myself, but I have it on good authority that hamster bites can be pretty damn painful.

Let's move swiftly along...

! You're embarrassing me...

(Ba-bump, ba-bump)

I... Heidi... How do I put this...?

Ah... Now, here's a slight issue. While we can complete Hank and Heidi's conversation now, we're actually missing the Ham-Chat for one of the wrong answers. I had considered leaving this part until later for that reason, but since it needs to be done for us to see the Ham Rangers show (and also to finish off Fun Land)... I trust that you'll forgive me if I include the final failure dialogue when we actually find the relevant word.

Or better yet, I could just stick it under spoiler tags right here, and say when you can safely look at it. (You can look at it now anyway, unless you really care about avoiding even minor 'spoilers'.)

Hank: B-b-b bye-Q!
Heidi: ...Huh? Are you leaving, Hank?
Hank: Do do doo, do do doo... 

Good? Okay, moving on.


What? Are you apologising?

Wait, that's not what I wanted to say...

Close, but no cigar!


Hamspar? You and me? Why? That's so weird...

S…strange? I’m being strange? I see… … … Oohhh… … … … Um… well… … … …

Okay, that's kinda the opposite of what he wanted... Perhaps we should finally get around to doing this right.


Would you...

He finally got it out, folks!

Wow, and look at him blush.

...You oaf...


This is the most adorable game... Hank and Heidi have always been one of my favourite couples in it, too.

Someone's on a roll today, it seems.

Thanks to you, Heidi and I are the best couple EVER!

No sweat, Hank. You just needed that little push, is all.

...Other people's lucky rituals are always weird. I wonder who suggested this one should be playing a clapping game?

Heheh... You two were meant for each other, huh?

Now, let's go-

Announcement posted:

The Ham Rangers show will begin in just a few moments. Please head to the performance area. Thank you.

Yessss. Let's go do that!

...Oh! I had almost forgotten about the ghost kid.

I wonder what's taking so long. This is what I came to Fun Land to see!

Yeah, so we heard...

Still, you shouldn't just take off like that.

I'm gonna watch the Ham Rangers show!

Hamtaro's reaction is pretty much perfect here.

Uh... Alright then. We'd better get on with the show, and fast!

Did you hear? The show is about to begin, but not all the Ham Rangers are here! Some are missing!

Oh boy... Time to go round up the stragglers, I guess.

If you recall, I said that the members of the Ham Rangers were scattered around the park, and that we had seen all of them in Update 11. Well, Ham Yellow is the one sleeping by the drinking fountain... But since he's not there, he must be one of the members who bothered to turn up on time.

Heading anti-clockwise around the park this time, our next encounter is in the western rest area.

Sadly, a GIF can't capture the whip-crack when Ham Green snaps his arms out to the side.

...Not that I was trying to hide it or anything! Don't be angry!
See you again at the performance area!

See you there!

Okay, Ham Red isn't in his spot...

But this guy is!

...Nice headgear.

I hope to see you in the performance area!


Okay, now I'm hungry. Garlic fries sound really good right now...

Anyway, the last of the five Ham Rangers should be Ham Pink, who isn't inside the balloon cart any more. That means we're done, right?


Haha, nope! Ham Red is hiding in the toilets, instead of being where you'd think to look for him.

You see, I'm battling a different foe!

I'd like to be heroic, but the stage... the faces...

Oh, wonderful. The leading ham has stage fright! And until the Ham Rangers perform, we can't get the kid to go home... But who can we find to replace Ham Red?

Until we can come up with something, might as well give an update to the mother.

Really? But... what?

Yes... yes... but... Blah...blah, and...blah...

Our paws are tied...

Nice summary there, Bijou. It sounds a little like we've given up, though.


...Okay, that's cool. We can work with that!

I guess it's off to Fun Land... Come on, Hamtaro!

You're telling me... To Fun Land!

(It's an automatic scene change, thankfully.)

You're hanging out to see it, right?

Oh, yes.

The Ham Rangers show... This calls for a video. Seriously, watch this.

I've got to agree with the kid; the Ham Rangers are awesome.

That is so cool! Ham Red is really my Mom!!

Haha... Oh, that little ghost is having the best day ever right now.

Yeah! It was great!

How about we get ready to leave?

Yeah! Let's go!

Okay, that is the most thing ever.

...can hardihar together again!! Just like before.

Ah, that's just wonderful. With that, we've saved the last love of Fun Land... and there's just two more little things to do, before we close out this jumbo-sized update.

...Zzz... Can't... fall... asleep... Time to get ready... HAMFORM!! Go go Ham Ranger!!

See you again at the performance area.

It's time to HAMFORM. Go go Ham Ranger!!

I didn't have to spell it out for you! You're so smart! I guess I'll see you at the performance area!

For the first thing, we need to set up a second Ham Rangers show.

This time, the real Ham Red performs.

Aha! I guess you're true Ham Rangers fans!

For going to the second show, we get...

...the best of the Ham-Jams.

Always and forever, buddy. That's a Power Promise!

As for the second thing... It speaks for itself.

See you next time, everybody.

Bonus video:

Aha! Happy go luck-E me!