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Part 32: Episode 30: A Missing Member

I don’t even know how I pulled it off, but somehow I ended up turning in my recorder to Mr. Nanaki instead of my homework! As I went to turn in my actual homework though, I saw Mr. Nanaki and Dr. Iwamine discussing something about Mr. Nanaki’s teaching. It looked like he wasn’t taking it very seriously, so I decided to tell him so.
You should look more closely, Mr. Nanaki!
Hello, Lourde.
Even the students disrespect you? Pathetic.
Umm, sir. I gave you my recorder earlier instead of my homework!
…So you did. Here you go.
Here’s the workbook! Thank you, sir! Sorry, sir!

A month of uneventful schooltime later, I found myself late for my extracurricular again.

Where’s Sakazaki? Didn’t he come yet?
Mr. Sakazaki won’t be here today.

Umm… what do you…?
He’s been absent for almost a month, now.

I never realized!

Did… something happen…!?
Who knows? He never was a very good student. No one’s surprised to see him playing hooky again. Hohoho.
…You know something about it, don’t you, sir?

That somewhat alluring, slightly evil smile on his face tells me all I need to know. He had a hand in this.
You do know something!
Sleeping pills.
What are you standing around for? You’re his replacement, now. Count our supplies and mark down anything we’re low on.

I don’t think that counts as an explanation.
Yuuya skipping school? I never thought of him as that type… And he hasn’t even called me!

Why did you decide to become an assistant here, Miss Lourde?
Because, umm…

I’ve learned what kinds of things I’m supposed to say in these situations. You need to make the teacher happy, so let’s play into his ego.
It’s because I like you, sir.
Is that so?

He… likes me? Is that good, or bad?
My heart’s racing, but I can’t tell if it’s love or fear for my life!
I wonder where Yuuya went…?