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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 34: Episode 32: Betrayal (Ending No. 10)

???: The researcher we dispatched to the school has stolen a highly-classified sample, and fled.
???: He took Sample HB:087, the human head. We have not confirmed that he is armed.
???: We have sealed off the area. He seems to be acting alone, so our retrieval squad should take care of everything quickly.
???: Please, help yourselves--the cheese Danish are rather good.

…Have these brutes no mercy? Though, I did agree to this from the start… hoho.
We seem to be in a bit of a pickle, Miss Lourde.
They suddenly asked that I give you to them. And to think that until now, they considered you worthless!
I was the one who preserved you so beautifully. You like the jar, do you not?
Do you know of the mere-exposure effect? It states that one can become attracted to things simply through repeated contact with them.

…We have but little time left together, I fear. I do not like the idea of handing you over to them, so I think I shall break you once more.
Of course, I do not wish to force you into a double suicide. I shall break this glass only after confirming your feelings.

Hoho… hohoho… Thank you. I am… so glad I got to kill you.
Good night, Miss Lourde…

The sound of glass breaking is heard.

A gun shot is heard.