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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 64: Episode 58: Acceptance (Ending No. 3)

The same night that Sakuya went to talk to his father, he returned to my house. He told me that he had been disowned by his family and needed a place to stay. And of course, I took him in with open arms. Since then, he’s been constantly practicing the piano and working on starting his music career.
I’ve had to take up a job over the break in order to make ends meet, but we’ve been getting along well.

…The hall of your fathers has many lumps and sharp rocks, Lourde…
Geez, what are you complaining about? I even got you some straw!

Which is to say, I did the best I could for a freeloader!

Here, I made breakfast. Your first concert is today, so you need to get ready!

He didn’t complain about the food! That’s an improvement.

Umm, by the way…
What is it?
Have you contacted Yuuya?
…You must be joking.

I thought so.

I have his address. Should I tell him… about you?

I didn’t mean…
Anyway, let it be. Things are fine as they are.

I guess he’s still a little chilly about Yuuya.
Maybe it’s still too early…


And with that, Sakuya made his first step towards a new beginning. I just know that he can make it, and I’ll be right there with him every step of the way!
The music stops.