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Part 87: Episode 79: The Hatch

Have you eyes, or pickled onions? Right there!

Looks like the control panel worked.

Hmm… I think everybirdie should be able to fly up to that. It’s a little narrow, so we’ll have to go two or three at a time…
But, outside--
It’s perfectly clear.

We can only see the sky, but there is no storm or gale. Nothing but the same calm autumn sky from this morning.

I am curious about the state of things out there, but… the door closes on its own, so we had best think carefully before going out.

We can’t see the city at all… We don’t really know what’s going on out there, if anything.
But if there really is no disaster, and this is all some plot surrounding Lourde’s death, then we need more clues…

I’ll go.
Are you sure? We have no guarantee that it’s safe out there.
It isn’t safe here, either.
Student A: Look the hatch is open!
Student B: It is! We can go home!

The three of us turned our heads when we heard the two students that had just joined us.

Student A: Like heck are we sticking around with nothing but that bogus explanation from earlier!
Student B: I can’t wait any longer! I’m going out!
Wait, come back! Come back at once!
We don’t know if it’s safe out there yet!

Our warnings fell on deaf ears, however, as the two students scrambled towards the exit.
As one of them made their way through the hatch, I heard a gunshot ring out.


In the wake of the shot, the other student ran wildly back towards the school.

W-we have to go help him!
Calm down, Kawara! You’ll only get yourself shot, as well!

The music stops.