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Haunted Mansion

by BioEnchanted

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Original Thread: Watch out for Hitchhiking Ghosts: Let's Play Disney's The Haunted Mansion!


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Welcome to the Haunted Mansion. I will be your host this day, BioEnchanted! Within these halls you will find horrors beyond you wildest nightmares. But don't be afraid! They don't bite. Keep your hand and arms inside the thread at all times, and don't forget your Death Certificate.

What is this?
This is a game released on the PS2 in 2003 by High Voltage Software. It is an action adventure game, where the objective is to exorcise the evil spirits within the mansion and turn on the lights. Each room has a light switch, and they are all barred off by a series of puzzles, no two the same in any room.

However, not everything is against us. The fortune teller, Madame Leota and 6 friendly ghosts from different walks of life, are here to aid us, along with a magic lantern bestowed upon us by Leota.


Ezekiel Halloway

Zeke is a timid man, fresh from the Civil War, just trying to make a living. He finds a promising position as a caretaker for a large house. Sounds like good money, but little does he know, he'll be looking after the house as less a janitor, more a guardian.

Madame Leota

Madame Leota is a Spirit Medium, trapped within her own crystal ball for years and years. She reaches out to the outside world, drawing Zeke in with a wanted ad in the paper. Promising a Janitorial position, she instead delivers the most important night in Zeke's life.

Atticus Thorn

A necromancer and part of an ancient cult. What does he want? Where did he come from? And why has he twisted all the rooms in the mansion into a bizarre playground of the supernatural? It is up to Zeke to find out and stop him.

Pirate Ghost, Opera Singer Ghost, Duelist Ghost, Knight Ghost, Organist Ghost and Old Lady Ghost

6 friendly ghosts that help Zeke in his quest. They each hold one of the Soul Gems that control and power up the lantern, and bestow them unto Zeke when he has proved himself worthy.

Grim Grinning Goons (Just a little lyric sheet I wrote, parodying the Grim Grinning Ghosts theme. )

Up in GBS the puns doth reign
and the Goons do weave a humourous campaign
News articles to derring-do, interesting subjects to you
Grim Grinning Goons come out to socialise

Now do not derail and try not to spoil
or the mods will come here to ban your tail!
Slowbeef is always on track, and never tempt axemaniac
grim grinning goons come out to socialise

the debate rages higher down in D+D
always complaining until after tea
politics, race sex or creed, all are discussed in d+d
grim grinning goons come out to socialize

when you hear the wham! of a hammer of ban
don't go complaining to the man
lowtax has no empathy, for those who don't read the T+C
(maniacal laughter)

But here we are up in LP
a haunted mansion game to see!
down in here, bored are we; gathering all round to see
A brand new users exciting new LP!


Here are the videos. There are youtube versions as well as a backup host.
Hallway, Foyer, Conservatory (Part 1) YouTube (Part 1, Part 2)
Game Room, Kitchen, Maid's Quarters (Part 2) YouTube
Dining Room, Ballroom, Winter Garden (Part 3) YouTube
Graveyard, Mausoleum, Pantry (Part 4) YouTube
Bonus 1 - Talking to Ghosts Part 1 YouTube
Study, Trophy Room, Toy Room (Part 5) YouTube
Sun Room, Sitting Room, Children's Room (Part 6) YouTube
The Museum, The Parlour, The Gallery (Part 7) YouTube
Observatory, Attic, Final Boss (Part 8) YouTube
Bonus 2 - Talking to Ghosts Part 2 YouTube


After the game is beaten on each difficulty, it gives you cheats to play with:
You put them in during gameplay by holding right on the dpad and putting the sequence in:

Unlocked on Normal Mode:
Upgrade Lantern to Next Gem Upgrade: ロロΔΔOOOX
Infinite Health (Freezes bar so it never changes): ロOOOロOΔX

Unlocked after Nightmare Mode:
Level Select: OOロΔΔロOX
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