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Original Thread: The Long Stimulator of the Law: a Headhunter LP



Once upon a time a Swedish studio Amuze made its first game for Sega. It was called Headhunter and the initial, Dreamcast, version was never allowed to leave Europe, probably for good reasons. Then it was released on the PS2 and got to the US of A. Some years later Amuze made its second game, Headhunter: Redemption. Then Amuze shut down.

It wasn't a big loss, or maybe it was a tragedy. The creative director for the games, John Kroknes, has this wonderful idea that when you're inspired by things you just copy them. John Kroknes was inspired by all things late '90s.


01. Graduated kindergarten.

02. Eventual brain death.

03. Meet Bruce.

04. Close to your sister.

05. The X-Must is on me.

06. Mix chemicals.

07. Things I can't swallow.

08. The headhunter way.

09. The final solution.

10. Nanites.

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dbcooper posted:

Headhunter's America sounds like a Law & Order state with a privatized law enforcement system to create lots of new jobs in the gig economy, strong border security to prevent illegal organ smuggling and televised national criminal and bounty hunter ranking system.

Jack Wade is not the only number two around here

Esteban Ramirez sounds like a bad hombre

Hank Redwood is just a hard-working, red-blooded American who dropped out of school to enroll in the School of Hard Knocks

inscrutable horse posted:

I have an early day tomorrow, so it's a quick and dirty MSPaint saga

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