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Heavy Rain

by LordMune

Part 24: Fugitive

Rainbow Pony Deluxe posted:

I have a feeling we're being railroaded into this next update. Nice illusion of free choice Lord Mune, or should I say, Lord Mune Cage?

Detective Thompson posted:

What the?! Are we the LPers?

Zutaten posted:

Hold R1, Square, Triangle, L2, and gently nudge up on the control stick to get the next update.

MannerlyHighbrow posted:


holds all buttons, successfully receives update



gazes blankly at screen

Moldy Sausage posted:

update comes anyway

For some reason I find it mildly shameful that I thought these posts were pretty funny. To make it up to you all, you get an update right now.

On the other hand, ~::*it's Madison*::~


Update 23

download available on baldurdash