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Original Thread: HERCULES [VLP]



Disney's Hercules or Disney's Hercules Action Game and Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules is a 1997 platformer based on the Disney movie from the same year. The game was released on Playstation, PC and Gameboy.

It was developed by the now gone Eurocom, a company known for A LOT of licensed games and ports. As you might expect from such a game, it's not exactly stellar. It's also not very long to say the least. The game follows the movie in broad strokes and features clips from said movie in between levels.

So why bother? Well, I think the game is NEAT. It's short but it does a lot of neat things along the way, with multiple types of levels. I'm also forever cursed and compelled to like anything related to Greek mythology.

Along for the ride is Sinatrapod as usual.

This LP is gonna be pretty simple. It'll be a short & sweet experience. There won't be any breaks or anything unless you count a bunch of unfortunate rocks. The movie scenes have been cut away so Mickey Mouse won't hunt me down and cut my throat. Thusly there's no real need for dual audio.

All in all it's more of an intermediate LP to get us back in the groove.

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