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Original Thread: Miscellaneous Heroes: 2, Serpent Riders: 0. Hexen 2 VLP for the hat trick!



The Serpent Riders are a trio of world-conquering demons featured in 3 Raven Software games with loosely connected storylines.

D'Sparil fell to Corvus in Heretic. (Thread) (Videos)
Korax was smitten by Parias the cleric in Hexen: Beyond Heretic. (Thread) (Videos)
Eidolon's soul will soon be reaped by the necromancer in:

Hexen 2 is based on the Quake 1 engine and it shows. It's dark, the proportions of rooms and objects are all wrong and everything is low-poly. Textures are a lot prettier, though. There are still plenty of puzzles and levels are still grouped together into "hubs", just like in the original Hexen. However, there's a lot less enemies, items and pretty much anything else to go around, so all the (hugely oversized) rooms feel terribly empty.


Hub 1: Blackmarsh

Part 1 (Google)
Part 2 (Google)
Part 3 (Google)

Hub 2: Mazaera

Part 1 (Google)
Part 2 (Google)

Hub 3: Thysis

Part 1 (Google)
Part 2 (Google)

Hub 4: Septimus

Part 1 (Google)
Part 2 (Google)

Hub 5: Blackmarsh Revisited

Part 1 (Google)
Part 2 (Google)

Expansion Intro


Hub 6: We'll Never Get Tired of Blackmarsh

Eidolon's Lair (DailyMotion) (Google)
Village of Turnabel (DailyMotion) (Google)
Duke's Keep (DailyMotion) (Google)
Catacombs (DailyMotion) (Google)
Halls of the Dead (DailyMotion) (Google)

Hub 7: Tulku

Tulku (DailyMotion) (Google)
Ice Caverns (DailyMotion) (Google)
False Temple (DailyMotion) (Google)
Courtyards of Tsok (DailyMotion) (Google)
Temple of Kalachakra (DailyMotion) (Google)
Temple of Bardo (DailyMotion) (Google)
Temple of Phurbu (DailyMotion) (Google)
Palace of Emperor Egg Chen (DailyMotion) (Google)
Palace Inner Chambers (DailyMotion) (Google)
Inner Sanctum of Praevus (DailyMotion) (Google)

Game Info


Black Spider: Face humper. Low damage and poor health, but still annoying as hell.
Golden Spider: Slightly stronger version. Occasionally leaps.
Brown Spider: Way tougher than any spider has a right to be. Loves to leap at faces.

Knight Archer: Possibly the most common enemy. Shoots weak green arrows and sometimes more damaging red ones.
Archer Lord: Significantly tougher and more accurate. Only shoots red arrows.
Ice Archer: Expansion variant of the knight archer. Shoots blue arrows and speaks differently.

Skull Wizard: Teleports around and shoots exploding skulls. Shoves the player away if he's too close. Spawns tiny spiders on death.
Shadow Wizard: Health++, damage++, time for it to reappear after teleporting +A MILLION.

Hydra: The only water-based enemy in the game. Shoots temporarily blinding ink or low-damaging spikes.

Fire Imp: Annoying little fly that shoots fireballs and charges head first into the player.
Ice Imp: Tougher and throws a more damaging ice bolt.

Golem: Tough as hell and packs a mean punch. Comes in a variety of colors. Melee only.
Big Golem: Golem Mark II. Can shoot a homing projectile.
Juggernaut Golem: Can stomp the ground with its foot to cause an earthquake that does basically no damage and can also shoot a laser beam from its head gem. Toughest regular enemy in the game, but not very deadly.

Scorpion: Oversized spider. Tougher and deadlier, but overall far less annoying as it doesn't leap and is much easier to hit.
Black Scorpion: Barely any stronger or deadlier. Hell, it could only be a texture swap.

Were Jaguar: Armed with sword and shield, it rolls, ducks, leaps and dives. A competent melee fighter that's nevertheless pretty easy to kill if you aim low with a fast traveling ranged weapon.
Were Panther: Darker, tougher and meaner, but otherwise identical to its lighter cousin.
Snow Leopard: Were panther with a different texture! Exciting new expansion content!
Were Tiger: More annoying version of the snow leopard!

Mummy: Undead warrior that shoots projectiles from its staff.
Mummy Lord: Stronger, much tougher and surprisingly common variant of the mummy that can also cast a slow moving but extremely damaging line fire attack.

Medusa: Shoots a cloud of poison that tracks you down with retarded precision. YOU CANNOT SHAKE THE THING. It will find its way through a maze and kick your ass. It must be deflected to be avoided. Also has a short range paralyzing/petrifying attack that does a lot of damage. The most "fuck you" of all the enemies in the game.

Fallen Angel: Basically an oversized imp that can also protect itself with its wings and deflect incoming projectiles. Would be annoying if it weren't so damn rare.
Ethereal Fallen Angel: Possibly a deadlier version, but I wouldn't know. There's like 2 of them in the entire game and I sheep them as soon as I see them.

Pentacle: Brown/white thing that hides in brown/white stuff. Shoots projectiles at you or jumps in your face to explode. Exclusively found in the expansion.

Gyagk: Charges at you like a golem, otherwise fires a spray of icicles. First appears as a hub boss. Exclusive to the expansion.
Yakman: Non-boss variant that's identical in all aspects except it's easier to kill.


Torch: Illuminates the immediate surroundings for an extremely limited amount of time. Surprisingly rare for such a marginally useful item.

Quartz Flask: Restores up to 25 lost health points when used. Very common.

Tome of Power: Temporarily activates all weapons' power mode. Power modes cost more mana to use, but have more devastating effects. Common.

Disc of Repulsion: Deflects incoming projectiles and shoves enemies away from the player. Extremely common.

Chaos Device: Teleports the user back to the start of the level. Uncommon.

Glyph of the Ancients: Offensive artifact with different uses depending on the player's class. The necromancer leaves it as a booby trap that floats until an enemy comes within range. It will then home in and explode. Does not hurt the necromancer. Common.

Krater of Might: Fully restores blue and green mana when used. Uncommon.

Boots of Speed: Temporarily increases running speed. Uncommon.

Ring of Water Breathing: Kicks in when the player is about to drown and continuously drains until he surfaces.

Mystic Urn: Gives the user +100 health points. Any point above the maximum will drain away over time. The farther above the max, the faster the drain. Uncommon.

Seal of the Ovinomancer: Shoots an arc of projectiles that transform monsters into mindless sheep. Does not work on bosses or the most powerful regular enemies. Very Rare.

Force Cube: Floats around the user and shoots weak fireballs at his enemies. Lasts an extremely short amount of time. Rare and worthless.

Invisibility Sphere: Invisibility for a period of time. Does not work when monsters are aware of the user's presence, limiting its uses. Ultra rare for some reason.

Ring of Regeneration: Kicks in whenever the player does not have maximum health and drains until he does.

Stone of Summoning: Summons a big imp (WHEN IT WORKS) that does whatever the fuck it wants and occasionally attacks enemies of the player. Not anywhere near as worthless as the force cube, but still pretty lackluster. As with most other temporary items, the duration could be a lot better. Rare.

Icon of Defender: Grants complete invulnerability for a very short amount of time. Cosmetic effects vary depending on the class. Paladin turns to stone, crusader glows, assassin fades in and out, necromancer is shrouded in darkness. Extremely rare.

Ring of Reflection: Automatically reflects projectiles back at enemies like a passive disc of repulsion. Unlike what every single Hexen 2 site and FAQ claims, it continuously drains whether or not it's actually reflecting anything, so unless it's found in an area with a lot of ranged enemies, it's practically useless.

Ring of Flight: Allows the user to fly. Continuously drains from the moment it is picked up until it expires. Respawns after a while.
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