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Hidden Invasion

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: A game hiding from the world. - Let's Play Hidden Invasion [VLP]



Let's Play Hidden Invasion

Hidden Invasion is a lost game. There are no comprehensive playthroughs, there are no guides, no discussions, no... anything. The few videos that exist are so unpopular that the game itself may as well have never been released. Why? Well, it's very bad, but it's bad in a bizarre way. Bad in a way that isn't humorous, or interesting, or remarkable. It tried to be something simplistic and fun, and it failed on a fundamental level. It's the PS2 equivalent of an unfinished indie Steam title, and no one shed a tear or dug it back up to see what was "hidden" inside.

So what is inside?

A 3D beat 'em up that bears striking resemblance to some of the genre's best... but lesser. It's like Oni, but with less interesting guns and no acrobatics. It's like Dynamite Cop or Fighting Force, but without the assortment of creative weapons. It's like Tekken: Devil Within, but without the brilliant enemy AI. It easily attracts so many comparisons to much better, similar games, but it doesn't come anywhere near their levels of idiosyncrasy or polished game design. It's almost the most average 3D beat 'em up that ever was, or ever will be. Almost.


It has a lot of problems. Glitches, fundamental programming mistakes, game design oversights, that sorta thing. It's not pretty. And the depressing thing is, these flaws are the only thing that stop it from being overwhelmingly middle-of-the-road.

So why play it?

Consider this Let's Play something of a history exhibit, examining a stepping stone on the road to modern 3D action games. It'll be a pseudo-comprehensive, exhaustingly well-played look at a game that no one cared about, all for the sake of preservation and education.



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