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High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever

by Dyslexiactic

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Original Thread: Boys. Boys? Boys! Let's play High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever.



”DR Studios” posted:

You’re the new girl in town and it seems that everywhere you look there are boys! Sporty boys, funny boys, talented boys, good looking boys, intense boys, nerdy boys…
Pluck up the courage to talk to them and get to know them, see if they have the same interests as you, dress up to look your best, get invited out on dates, talk to your friends at school and spill all the juicy gossip, learn who’s in and who’s out.

High School Dreams is an RPG/Social sim about the high school life of a new girl at Charm Springs who, over the course of the school year, tries to get a ~cute boy~ ask her to prom. High School Dreams was originally developed by Eidos Interactive. After merging with Square Enix, however, Eidos dropped the project, leaving it in the hands of co-developer DR Studios (makers of such hits as the Dragons' Den Official Game app, and Risk II: Even Riskier).

DR Studios funded the project to completion, but Eidos' earlier retraction led IGN and other horrible review sites to classify the game as "cancelled" pre-emptively. The game was released as a digital download on Green Man Gaming in 2010.

I, Dyslexiactic, will be your host as we navigate the terrifying halls of high school. I think High School Dreams should be seen by the world because of its horribly stereotypical writing, bad programming, and full voice acting. Although I have never completed a game, I genuinely believe I have played more High School Dreams than anyone. Ever.

Joining me on live co-commentary will be my flatmate, who asks to be called Proximal Chocolate Proxx Choxx and definitely not David.

We will present the game as a VLP with main updates following our created character's storyline. High School Dreams contains several mini-games, which I will demo briefly in the main updates as we see them. In bonus videos, I will complete all difficulty levels of each mini game while completely and utterly not under the influence.
We're aiming to release 20-30 minute updates weekly. Our first episode is a whopping 40 minutes because of all the introductory material. Knowing what a lovey dovey hugbox SA is, we'll be dabbling into thread participation for our romantic choices in the near future.

If Something Awful and YouTube aren't enough, I'll also be posting LP updates on my twitter (@Dyslexiactic). You can also yell at my inabilities with Landon here.

Love Letters to Annabellastasia (Bonus content videos)

Petey Jacobs
Driven and cool, Petey might be just a little too much of a perfectionist for his own good.
He is probably the coolest guy in school, but he might be too shy to really use it.

Seth Stoddard
Sensitive and poetic, Seth is also depressed and angry. I think life hurt him and he just
needs to be shown a few of the good things in the world.

Chuck Majors
Confident and friendly, Chuck still manages to be awkward around girls. He comes across
as a big dumb jock, but he is hiding a softer side. I know it…

Eugene Paparazzi
Shy and sweet, Eugene seems a little antisocial. I think he is just more comfortable with
his photos than the people in them, but I am sure the right girl could change that…

Benny B
I am not sure if he is incredibly charming or just plain annoying. I mean, I like the guy, but
he doesn't do himself any favours with those stupid pranks.

Landon Teenbeard
Confident and self-aware, or is that arrogant and self-centred? I really don't know whether
he is putting on an act or if he really is that cool.

Kind, but sarcastic. She has a sharp mind, but a sharper tongue. Still, she knows everything
that's going on and she is usually friendly to me…

Quirky and happy, I think Olivia is more than she appears. She has her ditzy side, but I think
people underestimate her.

Quiet and fashionable, Abigail is a hard one to get to know. I know she is on the Prom
Planning Committee, but she must be more than a clothes-horse.

Athletic and driven, I don't think I have seen Izzy leave the Sports Hall much. She seems
friendly with Petey, but I don't think there is anything romantic between them.

Loud in voice and appearance, I don't think Lucy cares what other people make of her.
She is a friend of Eugene, but I don't think there is anything between them.

Vain, self-centred and cruel… and I think those are her best points! Still, she is Landon's
twin sister. If I want to get coos to him, I will just have to learn to deal with her...

Arrogant and vain, Chelsea must have some good qualities, but I am not sure what they are. I suppose I could say she is 'confident' and 'well-presented'…

troutfish is forever cutting a rug with Benny B.
drasticactions questions Emily's sass coding.
Grimwit makes an irreversible error.
ShadyNasty shows you a new way to hate yourself on-the-go!
drasticactions reveals the Annabellastasia and Emily diet.
TheMcD shows us how Izzy goes hard in the paint.
Cheese Bread shows us the face of terror incarnate.
Cheese Bread shows us Emily's final form.
drasticactions always has time to pose and whatever ABS is trying to do here.
TheMcD stomps the yard in the paint, on the green, and on the ice.
MarquiseMindfang's coffee kicks in to full gear.
Shofra puts the "psy" back in "hey look, a bunch of psychic cheerleaders at Charm Springs High".
Shofra documents the exact moment when Chuck's heart breaks.
DecayDJK finds the vicious cycle in hoopz addicts.
drasticactions rates Seth's moves appropriately.
Octolady makes us all feel super uncomfortable.
TheJayOfSpade thought you were saving the next dance for her.

schmarson brings it back old school with Money Treestasia.

100Dachshunds picks out Annabellastasia's 18th birthday present.

schmarson shows us who the real (Southern) belle of the ball is.

petrol blue runs an early campaign for as-good-as-it-gets Benny.

petrol blue tries to explain why Landon's family jet has so much plastic wrap in it.

Law makes sure they all will remember the Majors.

petrol blue makes a case for mo' boyz and teaches us not to test Testy Susan.

100Dachshunds wonders why you'd even bother.

drasticactions kickstarts the Charm Springs High School Host Club.

Cloche uses the leafstone to evolve Victreebellastasia.

petrol blue teaches us about the importance of trust and, like, stuff.

ChorpSaway rides4lyfe in our crew with the slogan we'll take to the grave.

bladedsmoke takes our inability to woo Petey to the big screen.

Zagglezig shows us what Chuck sees every time he closes his eyes.

And More shows us what type of metaphysical can of worms a teenbeard is.

SelenicMartian proves my theory that DR Studios is just a cover for Suda51.

schmarson would like to thank the Academy and all the little people that made this possible.

The power of Fizzy Berry Lemonade compels Nelson Mandela.

Devious Vacuum breaks the boundaries of fanart with this beautiful performance piece.

bladedsmoke shows us just a typical transaction for the Teenbeard heir.

Law predicts the end of Landon's storyline .

Nelson Mandela reveals one of Landon's favourite hobbies.

DecayDJK should have an apology.

Cheese Bread shows us how to monetize Olivia's psychic powers.

skoolmunkee gives Benny the closest thing to a compliment he's ever experienced.

Cheese Bread Pain reveals Emily's passion for interior design.

Poulpe posts the best scene from Step-Up 3D.

Coco Bear teaches us about Eugene's flat personality.

sweetguts wants it all.

Nelson mandela's life was changed forever.

Zeah knows that royalty is pain.

Pork Lift can't get it out of our heads.

schmarson illustrates everyone's otp.

Space Cadet Omoly thinks it might be us!

@Aless148 reveals why ABS might not have made the right choice (this is an animated short and holy shit you better be clicking it).
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